5 Reasons Why a SIM-Only Plan Is Best For You

a SIM-Only Plan

One of the reasons SIM-only plans are the most sought-after deals in Singapore is their incredible versatility and functionality. Unlike PAYG or mobile phone plans that bind you to huge contracts, SIM-only plans usually provide the freedom that’s most needed for seamless communication. Currently, in Singapore, half of the deals people fancy don’t tie them to binding contracts, and it’s easy to see why. Here are the reasons why a SIM-only plan is better for you.

  1. It’s a cheaper option

If you’re looking for a much cheaper alternative, SIM-only plans can be a match made in heaven for you. Usually, other plans, including phone contracts, mandate you to pay way more than you should, and deservedly so. Apart from paying for your minutes, data and texts, you have the extra burden of dealing with your phone’s payments, compounding the costs. With SIM-only plans, you only have to pay with what’s necessary, which is a lot cheaper. Monthly payments for texts, data, and minutes won’t cost much, which makes them ideal if you’re working on a budget.

  1. Good value for money

Since you’re only paying for your texts, data, and minutes, you get the best value for your money rather than if you’re subscribed to a phone contract. With the upsurge of internet use over the years, it’s apparent that data needs are ballooning on end. That makes data purchases way more costly than texts and SMS, which if you have a home WIFI, SIM-only plans can be way cheaper because you won’t have to purchase data. That offers the best value for your cash as you won’t have to pay more for less.

  1. Seamless transitioning

Most phone contracts tie you to using the phone provided alongside, which tethers you to the shorter leash. With such contracts, you lack the freedom to transition to using another phone, and should that be your desire, you’ll have to serve the consequences of penalties attached. SIM-only contracts instead exempt you from such restrictions, and you’re free to change your phone anytime you want. If you’re looking for a SIM-only plan, you can visit https://www.m1.com.sg/mobile/sim-only-plan-bespoke-sim and choose a befitting plan that seems workable with you. Keep in mind the plans are varied, and you can choose one based on your preference or budget.

SIM-Only Plan

  1. It’s environmentally sustainable

Most Telecomm companies in Singapore advocate for environmental protection, and using SIM-only plans serves that purpose. Remember, when you need to revoke your phone contract or transition to another SIM network, you have to dispose of your phone altogether. That would much less have an impact if you’re using a SIM-only contract, in which you’ll only have to throw your SIM and remain with the phone. That’s less polluting and, therefore, ideal for sustainable living.

  1. No bounds, no ties

If you crave freedom in phone communication and use, SIM-only plans are the ideal fit. Remember that you’re not working under a contract unless you’re subscribed to on free-will. Besides, if you’ve subscribed to either a data or text plan, you can opt out anytime you feel like it with no consequences intended. That way, you’re the boss, rather than having a contract binding you.


SIM-only deals are ideal if you choose to work on a budget or have no strings attached. They offer freedom of use, and when transitioning to another network, it makes things pretty straightforward. If anything, getting a SIM-only plan can be worth the best bang of your dime and also offer your optimum functionality.

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