Avoiding Moving Scam When Relocating an Office

Moving Scam

Undoubtedly, it’s always a wise decision to hire a professional moving company while planning to relocate your office to another place. However, being an owner of a company, you have to be a little cautious while shouldering all the office relocation tasks to a moving company. According to the experts of movingfeedback.com , moving scam have become a big concern in the moving industry these days. 

Moving is already a hectic job to perform with ease. Therefore, you can experience a lot of stress during an office relocation process. In such a scenario, if you find yourself cheated by the moving company you hired, it may be hard for you to accept the harsh reality. So, while choosing a moving company, it is always good to take maximum precautions to avoid being scammed while shifting your office.

Below are a few tips that will help you avoid being scammed by fraud moving companies while relocating your business place. Let’s have a close look!

Try Considering References

Getting a vast list of moving companies isn’t hard to manage these days. You need a little time and effort to get the contact information of hundreds of moving companies. However, choosing the most efficient one is somehow difficult. So, how can you find the most efficient one? 

Well, considering recommendations from your friends and neighbours is one of the most effective ways to find an efficient and trusted moving company. When your friends recommend a moving company to rely on, this is apparent that they have good experience with that mover. So, hiring as per the recommendations is one of the safest ways that can eliminate the probability of being scammed.

Never Pay in Full Before the Process Is Completed

Another important thing you must keep in mind while making advance payment to a moving company. The payment pattern depends on the moving companies. Usually, the reputed moving companies ask for 20% – 30% advance payment at the time of the final contract. Subsequently, they ask for the rest of the billed amount after the relocation. 

However, many business owners have tendencies to clear all the office relocation costs at the very beginning when the final contract is made. But, this isn’t the right method of making payments. Instead, the payment should be broken into two parts. First, you can pay up to 30% as an advance payment while making the contract with a moving company. Subsequently, you can pay the rest of the moving costs once your office space relocation process is completed desirably. This way, you can have the grip of the moving company you hired for your office relocation.

Never Transact in Cash

While making any payment to your hired moving company, never transact in cash. Most scams happen when there is no proof of transactions. For instance, you make a contract for relocating your business place and pay in cash as advance payment. Now, in such a circumstance, if the moving company denies even after realizing the payment, you can’t do anything as you paid in cash. 

So, to avoid such Moving Scam, make sure to pay by cheque or pay through any of the trusted online payment platforms. In that case, you’ll have proof of your payment. You can make use of the transaction history if it is required at any time in the near future. In such a scenario, the moving company won’t be able to deny your payment.

Know Your Rights as a Consumer

Knowing your rights as a consumer is of utmost importance while shouldering your office space relocation responsibilities to a moving company. Unless you know your rights as a consumer, you’ll never be able to differentiate between right and wrong. 

So, in order to protect you from being scammed, know the consumer rights first. Having adequate knowledge will help you prevent unwanted fraud from the mover you hired. 

For instance, ask about the moving company‘s legal permits and insurance cover. Not having an insurance cover can make your move unprotected. If any of your valuable office items get damaged or stolen during the moving process, you can claim compensation for the same. However, not having a proper insurance cover won’t help you get compensated.


So, the mentioned ones are some of the very effective tips for avoiding moving scam during an office relocation process. Try considering the said tips and make your office relocation process truly safe and convenient.


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