Common Examples Of Workplace Hostility

Workplace Hostility

Workplace hostility is defined as unwanted behavior that an employee may experience in the workplace. This kind of behavior may make an employee feel uncomfortable, unsafe, or unsupported by their colleagues and senior staff members.

According to state employment law, this behavior is prohibited in the workplace and should be immediately reported to the HR department and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The commission is in charge of regulating the fair treatment of employees and new incumbents. 

It is highly advisable for employees who experience workplace hostility to seek legal counsel from a professional employment lawyer. Employment laws vary from state to state. Therefore, an employee must understand the state’s regulations in the state in which they reside.

If you are a victim of workplace hostility, you should contact Kansas employee lawyers for expert legal advice on moving forward with the matter.

Here are five common examples of workplace hostility.


Discrimination that is based on race, gender, age, or sexual orientation is a common occurrence of workplace hostility. For example, suppose an employee is not allowed to participate in a group exercise or apply for a senior position because of their skin color. In that case, that is a form of discrimination.

The EEOC strictly prohibits this particular kind of hostility. If an employee experiences this behavior, it is highly advisable to seek legal advice.


Harassment in the workplace can be verbal or physical. Oral forms of harassment may be gossiping, name-calling or inappropriate joking, or constant mocking or teasing. In contrast, the more prevalent form of physical harassment is violent behavior.

The EEOC also oversees the regulation of harassment of employees in the workplace.  

Unfair Opportunities For Growth

In the workplace, favoritism of employees is the leading cause of unfair growth opportunities. When employers show recognition and favor to an individual or a select group of people, the rest become unappreciated. This treatment leads them to disconnect from their work and thus become unmotivated.

An unmotivated staff is naturally less productive therefore affecting company output. Favoritism may also lead to other hostile behavior such as job insecurity in the form of demotions and layoffs.

Absenteeism And Poor Employee Retention

Another sign of workplace hostility is when employees do not come to the workplace for some days. This absenteeism behavior implies that their work environment is uncomfortable, and they do not feel safe. In addition, poor employee retention also signals workplace hostility. Employees stay where they are valued and are allowed a fair and functional environment. As a result, employers need to reduce employee turnover actively

This behavior also significantly impacts the company’s productivity, leading to financial constraints that induce dismissals, reductions, or severance package offers. 

Underpaid Employees

Under compensation of employees is the most prevalent complaint about their employers. When underpaid, workers often feel unappreciated and disengaged with their duties, thus becoming less efficient and affecting the company output.

Employers must avoid underpaying their staff as it only creates an environment that breeds unmotivated employees with low workplace morale and group esteem. 

Hostile work environments are not uncommon in the US. Many employees are bound to fall victim to at least one of these examples. If you have experienced any of them, you should seek the legal advice of an expert employment lawyer, who will assist you in filing a claim and taking the matter further.

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