Easy hacks to improve your typing skills

your typing skills

Thanks to today’s technology-driven world, most career opportunities involve computer-based work. To get tasks completed quickly, you must have strong typing skills. For instance, if you aspire to become an IT professional, you need to be an excellent typist to accurately and quickly write code for software and computer programs.

By working on improving your typing skills, you can enjoy several benefits like saving a lot of time and even focusing your ideas better. You can easily take notes and even write error-free code. 

So, are you excited to learn and improve your typing skills? A few typing tools can assist you, such as KeyKey Typing Tutor or Keybr. You can use such tools to practice and enhance your typing speed and accuracy. Also, you can keep the following tips in mind to help you type like a pro. 

Concentrate on improving your accuracy, not speed

Most people mistake trying to get the words out quickly, but that’s a wrong approach because you’ll end up typing fast with many typos. Then, it’ll take you a long time to correct those typos and errors. Therefore, don’t rush to write quickly. Start by improving your typing accuracy, and then work on your speed. It is crucial to get comfortable with your keyboard and try to type accurately. You do not need to pressurize yourself to type eighty-five words per minute. 

So, the first step is to build your confidence and know your keyboard. Then, you can quickly type faster without thinking. 

Organize your workspace 

Another wrong approach is thinking you can master your keyboard with correct and fast typing. It would be best to create an organized workspace so you don’t have any problem accessing the keyboard. For instance, you need to get a table for your laptop or computer. You cannot have the keyboard or your laptop on your lap and expect to type accurately without errors. 

If your job requires you to type many words every day, you must get a proper work desk. 

Master the starting position to type like a pro

When practicing your typing skills, it is vital to utilize proper hand placement. You can master the hand placement by positioning your fingers correctly over the home row keys. These are the letters F, S, D, and A. While your left hand is over these keys, you need to place your right hand over the L, K, and J keys. Your thumb must hover over the spacebar. 

Also, it would be best to familiarize yourself with the QWERTY writing pattern. You need to know where the keys are if you want to write as quickly as possible. 

So, before you start typing like crazy on your keyboard, it is essential that you fully understand where the keyboard keys are. It will help you to have a better grasp of the keys, and you can accurately type. 

Ensure your hands are in a comfortable position 

If you need to type for an extended period, ensure your hand is kept in a comfortable position. If the hand placement is wrong, it will make you uncomfortable, and you won’t be able to type fast. 

The right way to position the keyboard is to ensure the spacebar is centered with your body. You’ll be able to read the screen or type from a comfortable angle when the spacebar is in the center. You can even rest your elbows on the table while typing, and your wrists must be elevated. 

Let your hands do the magic and stop staring at them 

When you look down on your hands, you are making yourself nervous. It is best to stare at the screen and see what you are typing. Allow your hands to do the magic, and don’t make yourself nervous. 

Of course, it might feel challenging at first, but as you type and practice, it’ll get easier. You’ll master the placement of the keys, and staring at the screen will augment the accuracy of what you are typing. 

Practice, practice, and practice!

Ultimately, you cannot stop practicing if you want to type fast and accurately. It is crucial to practice every day and when you do that, keep in mind the tips mentioned above. You can even check out a few online tools and resources that let you test your typing speed and accuracy. Taking these assessments is crucial because it will help you monitor your progress. Also, if the assessments are not up to the mark, you know you have to practice harder. 

So, there’s no need to ponder and waste time anymore. Keep in mind these tips and start practicing to increase your typing speed and accuracy in no time. With time, you will become comfortable with the keyboard keys and finish your typing tasks before time.

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