How to choose what company to apply for to work?

Choosing a job goes beyond saying yes or no to a job offer. You have to understand that this next step will be affecting your future.

To really decide if a company is a right fit for you, you should ask yourself a few questions that will help confirm that you are taking the right step.

Work for a purpose:

8 hours a day, sometimes even more, is how much time people spend at work. Investing so much time in a project must be accompanied by a purpose. For some people, the purpose is solely reaching the end of the month. However, it does not seem like an easy goal if you spend every day from Monday to Friday looking all the time at the clock and do not participate in any initiative that satisfies you.

Working for a valuable purpose can be highly beneficial since it means that this investment of time does not seem insignificant, but rather has a value beyond money.

Do you feel proud of what you do? Do you really know why you do it? Analyze these questions and with the answer, you will know whether or not that position is perfect for you.

What skills will you develop or enhance?

The world changes very fast and technology makes those changes be implemented constantly and relentlessly. Will your job let you develop new skills? Will it keep you updated with technology and advancements?

A doctor must be constantly learning new techniques. Although he may not use them on a day-to-day basis, it can help him to diagnose better and learn more efficient methods to carry out his tasks.

Think about whether the change you are evaluating will really contribute to increasing your working experience and whether it will help you to continue building your skilled career, or at least, whether it will be a first step towards achieving your goals.

Company size does matter:

As always, everything depends on you and your needs. Both small and large organizations have positive and negative points. For instance, in a multinational company, surely you should specialize in some subject more since different tasks are given particularly to each area. If your intention is to grow in a specific field or area, this may be your place.

Small companies tend to have each person perform multiple activities and you will surely be able to try more than one area or task.

Values ​​promoted by the organization:

It’s hard being a vegetarian and working in a butcher shop. You might consider doing it if the salary is high, but surely every time you have to cut the meat you get the chills.

The same thing can be applied to the values ​​of each organization. You may live with them, but if you don’t share them, they will end up affecting your commitment and you may find yourself at a crossroads where you must choose between your values ​​and those of the company.

Remember to read a company’s mission, vision, and values ​​before applying or attending an interview. If you align with these values, surely your suitability is greater than that of the one who does not.

Work environment and career opportunities:

Work environment is a very important part, you live it daily and it can mean whether you achieve your goals or not. If you are one of those persons who believe ​​in working in collaboration and harmony with colleagues, this can be a turning point when choosing a job or not.

Another point is the career opportunities within the company. If, when starting a project in a new company, you already know that there will be no opportunity to grow when you end up dominating the tasks, you will surely look for another place to grow.

It may seem inconsequential when you start a project, but in the long run, not having career opportunities to grow within the company can mean that your motivation and performance decrease over time.

There is no worse situation than when you are bored at work, the daily hours may seem like days or weeks. So, for your mental health, it is important to know that the company favors growth and provides opportunities for it.

Assessments and leaders:

Evaluations are part of the work, not only the reports but also the comments and constructive criticism of the work. How would you like to be evaluated?

It seems ideal, but constant feedback really allows for improvement. That is why knowing how the evaluations will be implemented by both the administrator or director and the worker can mean a positive point to decide or not for one opportunity or another.

The ways of leading are of the utmost importance. Most of the reasons people leave jobs are due to incompatibility with the boss, either because they are always behind you or because they do not correctly communicate what is expected of the department.

It all adds up, after all, when you decide to work in a company, you do so driven by motivation and enthusiasm, with the desire to contribute the best of yourself and row together to achieve the objectives.

Is it compatible with your life?

This question may depend on the vital moment in which you find yourself. There are stages in which everything revolves around work, however, it is not usually healthy for the person, since they end up losing sight of real life.

The company must facilitate reconciliation with other important aspects for your development. For example, if you are studying, it is important that you can go to classes, or if you have children, you can spend quality time with them.

Being part of an organization should not mean turning your back on the rest of the things you do on a daily basis. Sharing time with friends and family, playing sports or studying is essential to achieve happiness and developing as a person and as a professional.

If you are looking for the best company to apply for to work, we recommend contacting their employees and doing some research. You can find their contacts on Leadar. Check what they like, what they want to improve, and if that reflects the online image of the company.

With all these clear points, it is time to apply to those companies that match you and your professional goals.

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