How to Host a Successful Employee Onboarding Webinar

Employee Onboarding

At first glance, hiring seems to be the most important and difficult part of the overall hiring process. But what people don’t understand is that when new employees are hired Employee Onboarding, the fight begins. 

Employee onboarding is a very important step in retaining employees and building long-term, healthy and prosperous relationships with them. The onboarding experience can improve or worsen employee loyalty. It is very important to minimize the hassle of the hiring process and can save a lot of company resources. After a good onboarding experience, employees are three times more likely to stay for the next three years than if they had no or inadequate onboarding.

A good onboarding process improves recruitment, efficiency, engagement, and even boosts the morale of new hires. When it comes to onboarding, webinars are a very convenient, effective, and hence a highly preferred way. Gradually, onboarding software is becoming more and more popular as they encourage new employees to join and work in the company.

If you want to be successful, here are some tips to keep in mind when hosting an onboarding webinar.

Framework of Onboarding

The framework of onboarding is three key factors to consider for all types of onboarding, including onboarding webinars. These three elements give the onboarding process a clear direction and a solid structure, and onboarding is a huge success.

  • Company Information: This should be the start of the onboarding process. This part of the process should consist primarily of basic information about the company. Basic information can include important documents, payroll procedures, vacation policies, and other information that needs to be made available to new employees. 
  • Job Guidance: This part mainly deals with job information. This includes having accurate and clear information about the tasks expected of employees, the roles they are supposed to play, and ultimately making sure everyone is on the same page. It will be. 
  • Demonstration of corporate culture: Finally, this part needs to present the labor culture, ethics, and values ​​of the company. It’s the perfect time to educate your employees about the benefits, flexibility, and incentives of working for a company that can inspire them to work for your organization.

Engagement of the Right People

It’s very important for the right people to get the right people involved in the onboarding webinar. People related to the life cycle of company employees and the structure of onboarding. Employees are only aware that the information provided is relevant to their experience. Therefore, ideally consider having a talent representative, at least one manager in the department in which the employee is hired, and one employee. HR personnel can provide relevant information about the company so they can speak in the company information part. Your boss is the perfect person to talk about work information, and your colleagues can be familiar faces and mentors while talking about work culture and company values.  

The more interactive, the better the time management of the webinar, and the more likely it is to be very boring at some point. Providing information to staff in an old-fashioned way can make it very difficult to get the attention of webinar participants and can completely defeat the purpose and effectiveness of the process. The ultimate way to counter this is to make the webinar more interactive through gamification. Once HRs or tant acquisition team gives an orientation, you can keep the session interactive for new hires to clear their questions. This can be done by including a chatbox, voting, or Q & A session in each part of the webinar. 

Considering Feedback

One of the best things about hosting a webinar is that you can get feedback on the next webinar you’re trying to host. Feedback allows you to understand what works and what doesn’t and close the gap. Feedback also shows what new employees think about the process and the company.


The era of digitization has opened many new doors to previously unimaginable possibilities. Of all these digital tools, the onboarding webinar is one of them. Webinars like this provide employees with an unprecedented onboarding experience, which is of great benefit to the company. The webinar can be run with a user onboarding software that allows integration with web conferencing tools such as Zoom. According to User Guiding Reviews, this onboarding software provides all the tools and integration options you need to host successful webinars. These webinars can have a significant impact on your enterprise’s onboarding process.


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