Produce Gameplay Videos

How to Record and Produce Gameplay Videos

If you enjoy playing video games, you have undoubtedly considered placing yourself in front of a camera and filming the action or perhaps starting your channel to inspire millions of other gamers. You may, for instance, create a gaming channel on any of the popular video sites, such as YouTube, where you can offer overviews for the games you play. Produce Gameplay Videos is not difficult at all. To make gaming recordings and to Produce Gameplay Videos, you just need a few pieces of hardware and software.

  • Choose a game to record and Produce Gameplay Videos

To begin, you must first determine what sort of games you wish to record. You may get some ideas by searching Google and other video sharing channels for what games people have previously created video overviews for and the most popular formats. If you know how to advertise it, picking a game that no one has documented might offer you a greater chance of attracting viewers.

This is because most internet video-sharing sites are clogged with footage on the same game. If you do the same game explanation as everyone else, it is unlikely that your video will be seen. Instead of new gameplay footage, they choose to watch authority-produced game walkthroughs. However, if you are a cut above the rest, which most ordinary mortals are not, feel free to do so. Always remember to follow your gut feeling!

  • Pick a quality microphone and Produce Gameplay Videos

If you want to have a chance of being the next YouTube gamer celebrity, you will need to invest in a good microphone and other audio equipment. You will add audio remarks to the video with a microphone. Any microphone, cheap or costly, may be used to record your gaming podcast; but, investing in a high-quality and trusted brand will provide you with a more realistic and polished audio sound.

  • Choose a filter to eliminate noise

Consider purchasing a pop filter to eliminate the popping sounds. The microphone is equipped with a pop filter, sometimes known as a pop guard. When the air from your lips hits the microphone, a popping sound might occur, and it is a regular occurrence. Pop filters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including foamy caps and metal discs.

  • Video capturing device

The next step is to choose a video capturing device. If you want to record games on a console such as the Xbox One or PS4, you need a video capture device. 

Check your video capture device to determine if it has any instructions for gaming console compatibility or difficulties with interoperability. It is recommended to purchase a video capture device with a microphone recording capability to integrate live remarks in the game. You will be capable of recording your games in up to 1080p resolution with a suitable device.

For using the game capture program, you may need an HDMI cable. The HDMI cable should have one end put into the HDMI OUT port and hooked into the HDMI IN port. A USB-to-USB-C cable is also included, with the USB-C end to be put into the HD60 S and the USB 3.0 end to be plugged into the USB 3.0 portion.

  • Installation of screen recorder software

Install a screen recorder on your PC to capture gameplay on the screen. There is a little control panel box in screen recorder software that you may utilize for all of your recording needs. You may pick from many presets to determine the size of the recording area. Depending on your demands, it may record a portion of the screen or the entire screen. You can also activate the audio speaker within it if you wish to record the games with music. Finally, do not forget to turn on the microphone if you intend on chatting or providing commentary throughout the game.

  • Choose a games video editor

As you already know, if you want to be a professional gamer, you will need to invest in a games video editor to edit your gameplay footage. You will almost certainly make some blunders in your videos, necessitating editing in a video editor. Many programs have a built-in games editor that allows you to edit gameplay clips quickly. To use the built-in video editor, select “Open in Editor.” You may also use it to edit the video, increase the loudness, improve the gameplay graphics, and, if desired, add a watermark.

  • Hardware considerations

Stuttering and crashes can occur as a result of recording footage. When you record video game footage, both the game and the recording program use the CPU and GPU, albeit the latter is used more by the recording software.

Games currently rely significantly on the GPU, but they still require the CPU. The video recording software uses the CPU to encode the recorded games as it happens. Those with a robust CPU may not notice a difference in performance, while those with older or less powerful CPUs may notice significant frame rate reductions, freezes, and crashes. In some cases, a lack of CPU power might affect the recorded footage.

However, you must ensure that your monitor can show high-quality graphics and that your computer has at least 4GB of RAM. The more RAM your computer has, the less likely it is to freeze. You must also ensure that you have sufficient hard disk space to record the game. There are many options here, but you are good to go as long as it is an SSD! If you record in 1080p or 4K resolution, the gameplay recording will take up a lot of space on your hard disk. If your hard drive does not have enough space to handle the gameplay recordings, you could want to consider purchasing another external hard drive, but remember that bigger is always better in this case!

  • Secure a good internet access

The requirement for internet connectivity is self-evident, but a fast connection with adequate capacity is advised. The download speed of Internet service is frequently marketed, while the upload speed may not be as prominently displayed. This is because upload rates are slower than download speeds, sometimes considerably so. Because you will be sharing a video of your game, upload speed is essential to you.


Professional game streamers have pricey recording gear, but it is not difficult to get started. To begin capturing game video from a PC, all you need is some software and a computer. A video capturing device and games video editor are also necessary if you try to record footage from an external entity, such as a gaming console.




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