How to write an essay without struggling


If you become a student, writing articles will become commonplace for you. Teachers of modern universities like to bring an element of creativity into teaching. And an essay is an entirely creative work, so this is an excellent opportunity to realize your potential.

Let’s figure it out what is it

Why is it so hard to write an essay

Difficulty writing essays is often based on ignorance of recommendations. There is another way out. Here are some of them that will help a student write a successful article.

  1. Do not understand the meaning of the thesis. It is one of the most common problems. Students do not fully understand the topic therefore they cannot disclose it. 
  2. Opens the topic formally. The main task of the majority is to pass the essay and not to learn written reasoning. Such people are engaged in “mathematics”. They calculate what criteria are needed to get a credit and do not even try to delve into the topic or give convincing arguments.
  3. Illogical reasoning. Many are not very good at developing a thought. Students cannot formalize an essay in the form of a logical chain.

Special writing strategies

If it seems to you that none of the above bits of help panic. I’ve hidden unique strategies for you. Here they are:

  1. Make the introduction last. It is unnecessary to report the introduction first. If you already have the fundamental text, start with it. You can adjust the introductory part later.
  2. Work on ideas. If you get lost and don’t know where to start, write all the ideas that come to mind. Then choose what fits. 
  3. Don’t be afraid of adjustments. Good texts are not written immediately. There are many adjustments to them. Rereading will help to find errors, typos, inaccuracies, violations of logic, etc.
  4. Give someone to read what was written. A look from the outside will point out the points on which it is worth working better. And in the process of discussion, you will find new solutions. Double use.                                struggling

A writing plan

  1. Stick to the genre. At the entrance tests, an article is a short (within 400 words) reasoned reasoning on a given topic with a conclusion. The arguments “for” and “against” are essential for the article.
  2. Stick to facts and logic. Half of the points are given for a competent assessment of the facts and the sense of the presentation. Just emotions about the topic – no one needs. It evaluates your awareness and understanding of the design/art business as a field of activity. Therefore, facts and names from the design/art business history are essential.
  3. Remember about literacy. Write, do not clutter up the text with complex constructions. The speech culture and the absence of stylistic errors will affect your result.
  4. Stick to the structure. It should include:
  • The introductory part should give an emotional mood and captivate the reader. If desired, you can use rhetorical questions and quotes here.
  • Central part: theses and arguments. It is possible to highlight the problem from different points of view
  • Conclusion: remember, there is nothing worse than a “blurred” ending. Put a clear point and offer your logical conclusion: how the task set in the article is related to design/ art business.
  1. Make a plan. On the draft, write down all the facts about each of the three topics. Make a presentation plan, then proceed to write on a clean sheet.
  2. Don’t worry about mistakes. If you made a mistake, carefully cross out the unnecessary, such blots are not considered a minus.
  3. Allocate time correctly. Four hundred words are about one and a half sheets typed with 14 pins.
  4. Reread. Reread it several times. First, from top to bottom, from the beginning to the end. Make sure that the logic is not lost, whether you have given enough arguments or whether they are overloaded. Then read from the bottom up, from the end to the beginning, and check for grammatical errors.
  5. Be yourself. It assumes the author’s view of events, so do not be afraid to express your point of view. Try to use as few hackneyed phrases as possible. For example: “it will not be difficult”, “you should pay close attention”, etc.

Mistakes in writing

Let’s highlight the mistakes students most often make.

  1. The author is too afraid to be misunderstood and goes into general phrases, “killing” the individuality of the text.
  2. There are not enough arguments and evidence. Often, the text is built mainly from beliefs alone, not supported by arguments.
  3. Departure from the topic. It is often present in those essays where the author has not fully understood the issue or its problem.
  4. Plagiarism. Some students find it difficult to plan their own opinions. So it is impossible to build a text from quotations without indicating authorship. Use the best essay writing services if you can’t write it yourself.
  5. Lack of own point of view. If a student cites the opinion of several authors on this topic, he should not forget to express his point of view on this issue.


An essay, as a creative direction. It has many similarities with a classical composition. But such work also has differences, comprising the structure’s features, the rules of writing, and some other characteristics. Use the tips from our article. It will help you create a structured essay.


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