Does Macy’s price match Guarantee? | Price Adjustment Policy Guide 2021


Macy’s being one of the popular department store chains in the US, has its provision of influence and services on its target audience. That being said, Macy’s price match and adjustment policy has been detected to be one of the primary focuses of the brand from the consumer’s point of view. Therefore, this article is designed to provide the consumers with desirable information with regards to the positive impression that Macy’s price match and adjustment policy has to offer for a successful and satisfying shopping experience with the store chain.


Macy's price match Guarantee



In rational terms, price matching signifies the act of refunding a partial amount by the retailer as a virtue of their policy to their customers ascertained on the price drop difference of the competitive dealer for identical merchandise within a definite period. On the other side, price adjustment represents the appearance of the comparison in the price drop difference on the comparable merchandise at the same dealer within a specific duration of time.



Macy’s is an exceptionally well-known name in the US markets, which itself suggests a lookalike for satisfying luxurious lifestyles. Macy’s. Inc is an American-based organization that was traditionally founded as R.H. Macy & Co., by Rowland Hussey Macy on October 28, 1858. Historically, the company has been operating with the department stores chain in the markets with two different divisions: Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s. In 1994, Macy’s was known as Federated Department stores Inc. However, in 1995, the department stores chain acquired itself to ‘Macy’s Inc.’, which currently has its presence in 45 US states with around 900 stores. Macy’s has a wide range of product categories to offer from personalized merchandise like Clothing, footwear, accessories, jewelry, beauty products to home products like furniture, bedding, and other housewares.


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Macy’s has a very specifically described policy that has to be strictly enforced by both the parties i.e. customers as well as the service providers under Macy’s. Inc. Macy’s is very firm and authoritative when concerning price matching. Macy’s doesn’t offer a price match policy for the competitor firms under any circumstances.

Although, it makes an exception for cases where the developed criteria are being matched with to claim for the price difference for an identical product within the given limited period. The following are the mandatory steps that are expected to be followed for claiming the price match difference at Macy’s:

  • The price drop difference for any of the identical products in question would be approved for claiming only within 10 days from the day of purchase.
  • The mode of payment plays a crucial role in the price matching policy. The act of refund would be the same mode of payment used while purchasing the identical product.
  • Stock availability is one primary condition that has a major influence on whether or not the price match happens for the identical product.

Note: The above-mentioned criteria are of great importance and mandatory procedure required to be followed for both the cases of online purchasing at Macy’s official website –, as well as their official physical stores.

In the case of Macy’s physical outlet, concerning an Apple iPhone, the extension period is for 14days, and for other Apple products, the duration is extended for up to 30 days to claim for the price difference.



Macy’s has welcoming arms with regards to the price adjustment policy. It offers an opportunity to claim for Macy’s price adjustment policy under the condition of adhering to the required protocol necessary to complete the process of eligibility criteria to effectively get the price drop difference for an identical product. The following are the outline of the criterion for the Macy’s price adjustment policy:

  • Provide the original receipt of the purchased product for verification of the product and authorized purchase.
  • Alongside, provide your order number at the time of purchase to have a cross-examination and keep a track of the purchase made.
  • In the case of online purchasing, you could claim for the price adjustment directly through Macy’s official website,
  • The process of price adjustment wouldn’t initiate without the verification and authentication of the above-mentioned documents.

With the completion of the asserted criteria, Macy’s price adjustment policy would come into action and successfully refund you with the price drop difference for the identical product in question. 



It is a given that every policy made by stores has its limitations that are important for understanding and implementation to maintain their protocol as a brand value. Therefore, Macy’s has a few limitations concerning price adjustments for both the online and offline cases even when they both work separately.

  • Products being offered at online and offline stores aren’t necessarily the same at both places.
  • Items offered at the official website are not mandatory to be available at the physical outlet.
  • The pricing policy of the items for the website and the store are differently determined. Hence, items purchased online would not be approved for price adjustment at the store.
  • Any coupons or discounts offered during online purchases wouldn’t make a difference with adjustments at the stores. This goes the other way too.
  • Other rewards or free shipping charges offered in the online purchase, also, wouldn’t hold any authentication for in-store adjustments.

Note: Concerning the affirmative and authoritative policy of Macy’s. Inc., the store doesn’t approve of the third-party movement in claiming for the price adjustment.



Macy’s has a flexible price adjustment policy which allows for the adjustment to take place even with purchases of gift cards or vouchers through the website or in-store. The gift cards or e-vouchers could be easily redeemed both at the official website as well as the official outlet of Macy’s. The only exception in such a case being, Macy’s allows the redeeming of the awards and bonuses only at the stores and not on the website.



Let’s have a look at the price determination of Macy’s that plays a role in tampering with the application of the price match policy at the store. This is in context with the unique cases when the prices are subjected to lower concerning the sales and special offers that are being imposed in the store for stock clearance. This variation in prices of the identical products makes it a lot complicated to be eligible for the price match with the glitch in-stock availability as well as the inconsistency in a price drop for the products. This is a higher occurrence when dealing with stock clearance sales. Also, there are cases when certain products are available for special purchases due to limited stock availability or manufactured themselves for the given purpose that which makes it difficult to price match in sensitive circumstances. Therefore, these factors that are responsible for price fluctuations in the prices of the products offered at Macy’s, make it difficult to price adjust with the store chain in any given way concerning its policies.



Keeping the severity of the global pandemic into consideration, Macy’s have prioritized the safety of the people associated with it and have ensured measures to prevent from indulging in any mishaps with the threat of the virus still in its existence. The following are some of the steps taken from Macy’s. Inc. as preventive measures necessary to be followed for a safe and productive experience at the stores:

  • The service providers at the official outlets of Macy’s have to undergo routine checkups before arriving for their shifts at the stores.
  • Usage of hand sanitizer is a must before entering the store for the customers as well as the employees.
  • The level of cleanliness and hygiene to highly touched areas has increased and maintained critically.
  • The factor of social distancing is strictly followed with about 6 feet distance for every individual at the store.
  • Hand gloves and face masks are compulsorily used to allow free movement within the store for a better and safe shopping experience.



I hope the information provided in this article with regards to Macy’s price match and adjustment policy is of easy access and comprehension for your purchasing experience with the department store chain in the future. Along the lines, make sure you’re well aware of the products and it’s pricing profile before, at the time, and post your purchase to not miss the opportunity of the price adjustment policy with Macy’s for a productive and satisfying shopping spree. All the best! For your improving lifestyle shopping experience with Macy’s.



Does Macy’s effectively offer a price match policy?

  • No, Macy’s doesn’t offer price matches concerning their competitors.


Does Macy’s effectively offer a price adjustment policy?

  • Yes, Macy’s does offer a price adjustment policy with the condition of following their protocol.


Does Macy’s have a deadline for their price adjustment policy?

  • Yes, Macy’s offers a price adjustment policy to eligible only within the immediate 14 days post the day of purchase.


Does Macy approve gift cards or vouchers or price adjustments?

  • Yes, Macy’s does price adjust even with gift cards or vouchers. 

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