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Must-Known Block Puzzle Tips – Become The Best Player You Can Be!

Want to keep yourself occupied when stuck indoors? One of the best options is to play block puzzle games. They are fun and nostalgic. Block puzzle games will remind you of fond childhood memories of playing Tetris. Most importantly, they are easy to learn and understand. You’ll get the hang of the game and enjoy competing with other online players or beating your score. Block Puzzle Tips-

Thanks to advances in technologies, block puzzle games are available online, and you can download them on your mobile devices. The game’s objective is to clear as many lines as possible before the timer runs out to score the highest. The thrill of the game is fully understood when you participate in tournaments and earn money.

There are minor differences between Tetris and block puzzle games in terms of the game’s design. Tetris is about placing falling blocks, but block puzzles are about placing blocks that appear at the bottom of the screen. Typically, you’ll find three blocks at a time. After you’ve successfully placed them on the game board, you’ll get three more, and that’s how the game progresses. The game concludes if you cannot place any of the blocks out of the three. 

While playing this exhilarating puzzle game, you need to learn the right block puzzle strategy. Although the shape of the blocks appearing on the screen is not in your control, you can decide to place them strategically, so the game lasts longer. Read along for a few helpful Block Puzzle Tips to help make you the best block puzzle player you can be. 

Don’t Stop Practicing!- Block Puzzle Tips

Have you heard the phrase ‘practice makes perfect’? The same applies when you’re playing puzzle games like block puzzle. Practicing regularly will help you improve the game and hone your strategies. Besides, it will help you learn from your mistakes. 

So, play loads of free practice games and read tips from experts. You will become a block puzzle champion in no time. 

Stay Away From Distractions

Playing block puzzle on your smartphone means you need to deactivate your email or social media notifications. Disabling notifications will let you focus on the game. However, distractions can cost you the game, and you may absent-mindedly place the blocks where you shouldn’t. 

Start The Game By Clearing Vertical And Horizontal Lines

The game’s goal is to form vertical and horizontal lines. So, it helps to not focus on filling space on the board. It would help if you cleared the board. The more lines you clear, the better score you earn. 

Start Cleaning The Board From The Corners To Stay In The Game Longer

Scoring high in block puzzle means ensuring you can stay in the game until the timer ends. Therefore, you need to utilize well-crafted strategies, and one of them is placing blocks from the screen’s corner. It helps to work your way to the board’s middle and not the other way round. By doing so, you’ll avoid ending the game too quickly and have plenty of space to fit the blocks. 

Aim To Clear Multiple Vertical And Horizontal Lines To Score More Points

Scoring high isn’t possible if you are only targeting single lines. You need to clear multiple lines at once to beat your opponent. Since the game is time-oriented, it would give you the advantage of eliminating several horizontal and vertical lines. 

So, even though you might be tempted to place blocks and quickly eliminate a single line, prevent yourself from making that mistake. 

Forgetting To Leave Space For The Square Piece Will Be Your End

One of the most infamous pieces in the game is the 3X3 square piece. The square piece takes up a block of space, and you cannot do anything about it. The piece cannot be wiggled in from the sides or placed anywhere. Therefore, one way around it is to anticipate and leave some space on the board for the square piece. The square piece will end your game if you don’t, and you might lose. 

It Would Help If You Planned All The Moves And Block Placements

It is normal to become too engrossed in clearing rows and columns. You might even get nervous about the ticking clock. But do not make the mistake of placing blocks anywhere because you want to make the most of the last few seconds. Mindless block placement may end your game before the timer hits 00:00. 

Haphazard block placement typically leaves players confused because they are left with blocks that don’t fit into the spaces left on the board. So, you must avoid panicking at all costs and carefully analyze the game board before making your move. 

Never Dump Blocks

With the previous point, you must never dump blocks across the board. Instead, you must carefully plan every placement. While it is crucial to maintain a good speed to earn more points than your opponents, dumping blocks will only make things difficult for you.

Summing Up

Becoming the best block puzzle player requires perseverance and lots of practice. Even Rome wasn’t built in a day! 

Hopefully, the above-mentioned tips will help you strategize and understand the importance of careful block placement. In addition, if you play lots of practice games, you’ll learn how not to break under pressure and maintain your nerves. So, go ahead and download the block puzzle game to start flexing your newly found knowledge.

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