Does Nike Price Match Guarantee? | Price Adjustment Policy 2021 Detailed Guide



How would it make you feel if you could pay a little attention to your brand and purchases and avail yourself of the opportunity of saving a couple of good bucks? Great right. So here in this article, you shall learn about certain price match or adjustment policy offered by Nike that will notify you about a drop in the price whenever after you have purchased the product and henceforth, allow you to have a partial refund on the said order.



In simple terms, it refers to the partial amount which is refundable by the retailer as a part of their policy to their customers based on the price drop difference occurring post the purchasing of the given product within a given amount of time.





Nike. Inc, an American Multinational Corporation is known to be the largest seller of athletic footwear and athletic apparel across the globe. The primary focus of Nike as a brand is on designing, developing, and marketing varied sports products such as footwear apparel, accessories, and equipment across the global market. Nike influentially targets the primarily important category of audiences with Men, Women, and Children passionate about athletics and sports. With a turnover of about 36.39 US$ (recorded as of 2018), it is only fair and factual to state that Nike is the leading athletic brand with its reach across the global market.



The pricing and packaging policy of Nike has always been very justified of the products at hand. Hence, it is rather sensitive to say that Nike has a very creative and calculative approach while pricing their products based on different styles and categories. Though it is often seen that many retailers play around with the prices based on the competitive grounds of the brand. Therefore, as mentioned earlier in the article, you can benefit from the Nike price adjustments policy which is applicable on all orders from the official website of Nike and is valid for 14 days post the purchasing period if there is a drop in the price of the product.





It is mandatory to keep up with the updated version of your product profile to monitor any drop in the price to be able to avail the benefit of Nike price match or price adjustment policy and attain a partial refund from the same. It is often seen that retailers change the prices of the product completely influenced by the competitive upfront for the brand and hesitate indirectly approaching the customers for marketing ongoing Sale in the store for a certain category of products, since, doing so wouldn’t hold a strong and powerful image of it in the market and may appear as desperate and negative measures for their branding. Therefore, the following are the steps that you can simply follow to ensure that you take advantage of the given opportunity (If any) from your given product of order:

  1. Make sure you keep tabs on your purchase regularly.
  2. Make efforts to visit different retail stores around you in order to compare your purchase.
  3. Make sure you enquire about the purchase at the till counter in the said retail store.
  4. Do not ignore ads of your purchased product, rather be responsive towards it.
  5. Make sure you are having a thorough survey of the purchase by comparing various websites online.



Like any other brand and corporation, Nike also has a certain level of criteria that is required to be adhered to as a primary function before being able to avail the opportunity of the price match or adjustment policy. Some of these criteria are broken down and simplified in the following given points:

  1. The Design of the product i.e. model, color, shape, and size should be of the given product profile.
  2. It is a must to have proof of originality and validity of your purchase in the form of a certificate or bill.
  3. It is required for your purchase to be authorized from the official website of Nike to be eligible for the price match or adjustment policy.
  4. The brand has a strict 14 days period time limit to get into interaction with the brand and generate the price match or adjustment policy before it is no longer valid.



With the rapid and drastic spread of the global pandemic Covid-19, the global market and community had to see a state of complete lockdown which included shutting down such stores to ensure and prevent people’s health together under the same circumstances. Therefore, after a long wait when the global market has started resuming it’s position and functioning, Nike has also opened its doors and us ensuring utmost safety measures to prevent any unwanted mishap with the pandemic still in its existence along the line.

  1. The brand has successfully increased its time frame for fast and safe delivery methods.
  2. The process of return and refund would be of a slow and systematic approach.
  3. The employees within the stores are clear of any harm with the virus in place and are provided with masks and promoted with frequent sanitization of hands after every interaction.
  4.  Social distancing is the key approach to avoid unnecessary hustle in the store and keep the traffic at bay by allowing only a select number of people in each round of customers.



I hope the information available in this article regarding Nike’s price matching or price adjustment policy is of easy comprehension and helps simplify your understanding of the same. You can always feel free to contact Nike’s official website or Nike’s service desk at 1-800-806-6453 for any queries. You could also come back to our website and refer to our article to keep your knowledge fresh and handy about the price match or price adjustment policy of Nike. All the best! For your shopping experience with Nike.




Does Nike effectively offer a price match policy?

  • No, Nike doesn’t particularly offer a price match as per the contemporary information available.


Does Nike offer an opportunity for a price adjustment policy?

  • Nike allows a price adjustment policy to the purchases made through the official website only.


What is the eligibility period for availing of Nike’s price adjustment policy?

  • Nike allows a total of 14 days to process the price adjustment policy into action from the day of our order being placed.


Can we approach Nike directly? If yes, what is the contact detail?

  • Yes, Nike can be approached directly with the help of their customer service team at 1-800-806-6453.

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