Does Office Depot Price Match Guarantee? | Price Adjustment Policy 2021 Guide


It provides one of the simplest tools and supplies for efficient working within the professional world. So today, we’ll have a glance and dive deep into their Office Depot price match policy.

Did you ever believe what proportion of money you’ll have saved always gets the simplest deal on a replacement purchase? Avoiding to invite a price match (or adjustment) is often a costly mistake.

In the year March 2013 the retailer decided to revamp its pricing model with IBM, refreshing its insights with advanced analytics and omnichannel research. Firstly,  it began with the science of price matching – leveraging competitor risk management analytics (CRMA) – to optimize the worth and benefits of dropping prices.

 Before jumping in, Office Depot decided to research three categories: cut sheet paper, filing, and inkjet cartridges to get when the lowest prices occurred over the course of a year. Through analysis, the retailer uncovered several items:

Assess store vs. online elasticity to seek out competitor elasticity and determine the way to properly invest dollars. Decide whether or not different pricing strategies are often employed for category-specific goals.

So not too worried about all this, it’ll be this text which can equip you with the proper knowledge of when and the way to effectively price match. Therefore, let’s get right into it.


Office Depot Price Match Guarantee


Do you want to save lots of money while shopping? Here’s how! Follow these simple steps and you’ll almost certainly win. If you’ve got a replacement item that’s sold a minimum of one other retailer (read competitor) you’ve got a high chance of a successful price match.

Stores of Office Depot and OfficeMax alongside all follow an equivalent procedure for price matching. All the local store’s associates or the customer care hotline will happily assist you, so let’s see what are its guidelines.


Office Depot Price Match Guarantee



If you discover a lower cost on a replacement identical item in-store or online at a Competitor or Office Depot at the time of purchase or within 14 days after your purchase, show us the lower cost and that we will match the worth or refund you difference.

We include nearly all new items that are identical and available. Meaning, we’ll honor items with an equivalent model number, features, and warranty that are available and available at the advertised price.

They match service plans, computer services, copy, and custom printing. All the items sold with a service plan, like wireless devices, the plan, provider, and associated terms must all be identical.

Our price is that the final price you pay after any discounts, coupons, instant savings, and mail-in savings are applied. They will match the Competitors’ point-of-sale price after deducting their instant savings/rebates and coupons.

We include most new items that are identical and available. An item is taken into account identical when it’s an equivalent model number, features, and warranty. The item must be available and available for purchase at the advertised price.

We reserve the proper to verify all information. For items that accompany a service plan (for example, a cell phone), the plan, the third-party provider, and therefore the associated terms must be identical. However, we’ll not guarantee that we’ll match the worth of the service.


Office Depot Price Match Guarantee



First, the obvious! All items involved during a price match must be absolutely identical. This suggests not only brand, color, and model configuration but also add-ons (if any), and even the warranty period.

Therefore if all the parameters match will your product qualify for price matching. Along with it both products must be immediately available (in stock) at both locations.

In order to work out your item’s price match eligibility, we’ll need the worth and model number of your item and confirmation by one among the subsequent methods: printed advertisement, all the printed in-store signage, receipt of item purchased, picture of in-store signage or online offer from a mobile device.

Also, For copy and custom printing jobs, a printed quote is required. Office Depot reserves the proper to contact a Competitor to verify a price and to follow it you’ll follow the method

The process to urge your request for a price match requires you to present the item you would like to match alongside its price and configuration.

A store associate will then verify your item’s eligibility also because of the authenticity of the provided proof.



Accepted methods which are to be followed :

  1. A printed advertisement showing the item also because of the price.Requires
  2. A copy of printed signage from the competitor’s store i.e. in-store advertisement regarding the worth of an item.
  3. Digital – Digital advertisements (emails) or websites on your mobile phone/tablet/computer.
  4. Need of Print/Copy – When matching a custom print/copy job, a printed quote is required.

If you’ve already purchased qualifying merchandise, bring proof of the lower cost within 14 days of the initial purchase, and Office Depot & Office Max will refund the difference.

Office Depot reserves the proper to cross-check and verify any offer they’re asked to cost.



A price adjustment may be a special sort of a price match that typically takes place after the acquisition has been made. It’s best for instance with an example. Let’s say you’ve purchased a printer on the first of January for 220$ at your local Office Depot store.

Five days later, the printer went on sale for less than 150 $. To say the 70$ refund, return to the shop where you purchased the item from and convey along with the first receipt. Finally, ask a store associate to urge your refund process.



Price matches are limited to at least one (1) Competitor price match per identical item per guest. All the services that include delivery, installation, and extended warranties are excluded.

We don’t match the worth of:

  1. “Marketplace” items (i.e. all the products which are sold or shipped by third parties on or on a Competitor’s website);
  2. ad or price errors;
  3. items on closeout, clearance, or liquidation
  4. out-of-stock items;
  5. All the special orders, location-specific offers, or gift card offers;
  6. All the holiday sale offers including Black Friday and Cyber Monday tax promotions
  7. Competitors’ mail-in rebates nor will we deduct the worth of any gift with purchase;
  8. Office Depot catalog items;
  9. Office Depot online-only/in-store only specials;
  10. items offered to Office Depot contract customers;
  11. Office Depot Business Select items.
  12. They reserve the proper to switch or cancel the worth Match Guarantee at any time without prior notice. Any modifications are going to be effective immediately upon posting of the modified Price Match Policy Terms and Conditions on
  13. They reserve the proper to verify the authenticity of any offer we are asked to cost.



Just like the other company, Office Depot has gone to great lengths in taking precautions and protecting the health and wellbeing of its employees. it’s important to be supportive during these tough times and hence Office Depot has taken a couple of steps:

  1. Reduced store hours – to permit for extra cleaning and sanitization after hours.
  2. Enhanced sanitization of the shop is formed compulsory.
  3. Masks – Wearing a mask may be a must for both employees and customers.
  4. Delivery – Curbside delivery also as delivery to the doorstep.



Q1.Is Office Depot and OfficeMax an equivalent company?

  • On November 5th, 2013,  Office Depot and OfficeMax merged creating the most important office-supplies chain within the US.


Q.2 Is there a guarantee that OfficeMax Price Match?

  • Yes, of course,  Office Depot and OfficeMax both match prices of selected competitors.


Q.3. How can I contact Customer Service for the office depot?

  • All the customers For order and delivery related issues, please contact 1-800-GO-DEPOT (1-800-465-3768)



In conclusion, I would say that we have shed some light on how you can benefit from the price difference between Office Depot/OfficeMax and their competitors. retailers and claim a refund. All of us hope our article proves to be useful for when you need it in the future.

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