Opening Your Heart to Heal from Stress, Trauma, and Disease

Opening Your Heart

The highest joy we have ever experienced, never really came from business, financial success, or even fame. Our best moments in life come from connecting and sharing with others. The reason why we have so many problems in today’s world is that we are programmed to hold back, for fear if we get hurt if we open up too much. In this way, we pre-project an outcome of failure, instead of risking Opening Your Heart, and seeing where it might take us. 

Being on High Alert Constantly 

We need to stop being on high alert all the time, constantly scanning our environment for threats, worry about our safety. And if something unfamiliar signals a possibly dangerous situation, we should be able to relax instead of preparing for what could go wrong. By sensing negative emotions, such as worry, anxiety, fear, sadness, and pain prior to events, this is part of our program, and it becomes a habit leading to dissatisfaction.

Indeed we should be careful in today’s rigid and frequently hurt world, but the other sunny side also exists. And the best thing we can do is find those people and events, and surround ourselves with them. Our hearts can open in several ways. Not only by using various techniques but also by caring for another person, other people, by giving and experiencing gratitude. 

Your Heart Holds the Key to Healing- Opening Your Heart

Your heart holds the key to your true healing. When people open their hearts their reality switches from self-centeredness to a passionate giving state. But if you experience a highly competitive world on a daily basis where you have to demonstrate achievements and success, chances are, you wouldn’t open your heart because it could have destructive consequences. Such environments only train you to survive and thrive. 


When you open your heart again, you become like a child, free of worry, curious, not holding on to the grudges and pain, and allowing yourself to let go. It means, if we can operate from a different level, rewriting what has been protecting us and helping us survive in our entire life, we can experience something greater. When you can truly open your heart, maybe even after some practice, instant healing can occur. Even from chronic heart and lung disease, cancer, etc.

True Happiness Isn’t a Consequence of Success  

When energy starts to move differently, it can release 1,300-1,400 different chemicals that restore your entire body. According to the latest research, vulnerability is among the top 5 characteristics of an extraordinary leader. When men hear this, they start to open up slowly and break down their walls of a facade that make them feel so empty. They realize their happiness never came from success, wealth, popularity, etc. But it always comes from within. 

Constantly practice heart-opening meditations (Joe Dispenza), and keep pushing yourself if you don’t have an accountability partner! Trauma can lead to not understanding big parts of our lives, how we react, and the way we feel, and often, trying various therapies doesn’t bring the desired change. Some experiences can burn into our subconscious making us feel confused, putting up walls, not trusting others, difficult to connect with people, stop feeling some emotions. 

If unsafe situations bring up similar feelings, we can remember our pain, thus our system shuts down in response. We don’t usually know the reason why some of the things trigger us the way they do. When you are given the chance to feel safe repeatedly, after some time you become strong enough to face your blocks. When you move through that pain, your body will remember its initial state of health and freedom. Even if the traumatic event happened decades ago…

Instant Healing Is Possible Through Your Heart

And your body will reorganize its physiology in a way that perhaps no psychotherapy, a changing diet, alternative therapies, or medications could have done better. Your body could change so much that it would leave behind your old persona, making you believe like you have an entirely new body. Once you have the permission to believe you can cross the level of consciousness that enables you to heal, miracles can happen. If one person can do it, so can you!

Photo by Dan Meyers on Unsplash

When you see the living and breathing evidence to this in some very serious chronic cases, more and more people start believing it is possible to heal. And through the growing number of cases that heal as well as believers, it becomes valid in our collective consciousness. And we can expect more miracles to happen. Thatswhy people need to share their stories of healing through their hearts. We need people who can lead through an open heart, more than ever.  

If You Never Turned Your Attention Inward by Opening Your Heart

If you are someone who never truly allowed yourself to turn your attention inward because you were focusing more to be of service to your environment, now is the time. By tuning into your heart, you can discover so much of its desire if you haven’t yet done so! We must strive to create a balance between our minds and heart, gone are the days when operating largely (some people only) from a mental state can help us get by!

We have to find a way to consciously involve our brain in the process, to help direct our hearts and their energy. That’s what our brain is meant to do, like a compass it directs us to the right path, and our emotion as the energy drives us where we want to arrive. So you can achieve a better quality of life and live it more consciously from your brain and heart coherence. Keep practicing!



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