Does Saks Fifth Avenue Price Match Guarantee? | Price Adjustment Policy 2021 Detailed Guide


Shopping and saving at the same time has become a fantasy that every consumer wishes to live with. Although, there are fairly rare circumstances where you can see this fantasy coming to real life, especially, when the brand in question deals with a luxurious lifestyle. Consequently, it has come to our notice that there’s confusion amongst the consumers regarding Saks Fifth Avenue’s price match and adjustment policy, so, this article is solely intended to help you people understand the context of the matter for your future reference. We have attempted to breakdown the subject matter and simplify the content to make it easy comprehension at your disposal.



In modest terms, price matching implies the act of recording a partial amount by the retailer as a part of their policy to their subjects based on the price drop difference of the competitive retailer for an equivalent product within an assigned amount of time. Whereas, price adjustment infers the idea of the comparison in the difference in the price drop on the identical product at the uniform retailer within an explicit duration of time.


Saks Fifth Avenue Price Match Guarantee



Saks Fifth Avenue has emerged as one of the vastly popular luxury department store chains in the American market. The store’s primary focus is on offering services for home improvements and development as a means of replicating a luxurious lifestyle. It was founded in 1867 by Andrew Saks, originally known as A. Saks & Co. It opened its first store in the F street shopping district of Washington, D.C. Saks’ flagship store is situated on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, New York City, New York, United States. Later, In 1924, the name of the flagship store changed into ‘Saks Fifth Avenue’ after the New York City outlet on Fifth Avenue lent its name to the store Chains.



Saks Fifth Avenue has a welcoming provision for prime match procedure for its customers on an identical product. Any identical product from any competitive retailer with a price drop difference is eligible to proceed for claiming the Saks Fifth Avenue price match and price guarantee policy. Though there are stimulated criteria that are expected to be followed before claiming the Saks Fifth Avenue price match policy for an identical product. Therefore, the following are the requirements for the Saks Fifth Avenue price match  policy:

  • Only identical items with equivalent product profile interns of model configurations, features, and warranty period would be approved.
  • It is a primary concern to understand that availability of the said product in question for the price match is also vulnerable to the ideal application of the policy.
  • An electronic purchase required to be of the same technical profile to approve for the Saks Fifth Avenue price match policy.
  • The price match policy of Saks Fifth Avenue also has a provision for price matching with the competitor’s point of sale price even after eligibility of discounts, coupons, gifts cards, and other special offers.



The process of Saks Fifth Avenue requires you to follow mandatory criteria to meet the eligibility of the policy to ensure the policy fluently into action. The following are the key points that would be required to allow the functionality of the Saks Fifth Avenue policy into an application for a satisfying shopping experience of the consumer:

  • A printed advertisement proof of the price of the identical product from the competitor’s firm.
  • An in-store signage copy of the advertisement for the determined price of the identical product in the competitor’s store.
  • Providing a bill for the identical product in the competitor’s store or website.
  • Providing with a retrieval of the online offer seen through any of the electronic devices available at hand.

Note:  The price match policy at Saks Fifth Avenue is done only after a cross-examination done by the store to ensure the accountability of the price at the competitor’s store before allowing for the refund.

In case of products or items that are already bought, the refund is allowed to be claimed through Saks Fifth Avenue within a week at maximum with authorization of the price drop difference at the competitor’s firm.



Though it is a simple and easy comprehensive method to claim for the Saks Fifth Avenue price match policy, it also has a set of limitations that it would not surpass in any given point of time no matter what. These exclusions for the Saks Fifth Avenue price match policy are as follows:

  • Any involvement of a third party, be it in claiming or selling would directly nullify the chances of getting the most of the price match.
  • It has a strict standard rule of one item, on price for one customer in the Saks Fifth Avenue price match policy.
  • The store has the authority of verifying the authenticity of the price match for the product in question before implementation of the price match policy.
  • While purchasing an item in the store, it is a must to verify the online price of the said item.
  • The identical product when put out for special hours, offers or sale is of no eligibility to be able to claim for the price match neither at the store nor on the website.
  • Saks Fifth Avenue has its own list of competitors that allow for the eligibility of the price match policy.
  • In case of errors in the determination of prices from the competitor’s side wouldn’t be authentication for the Saks Fifth Avenue price match policy.
  • Purchases made during any public holidays wouldn’t clear for the claiming of the Saks Fifth Avenue price match policy.



Witnessing the fast-paced tragic spread of the global pandemic Covid-19, the global market and community had lived through the state of a complete lockdown which involved shutting down of stores to ensure and prevent people’s good health collectively under the sensitive circumstances. Therefore, after a long wait and efforts made to control the spread of the virus, the global market has now started resuming its primary functioning. Consequently, Saks Fifth Avenue has also opened its doors for the consumers but with an impressive amount of safety measures to prevent any unwanted mishap with the pandemic still in its existence and ensuring consumers and staff’s safety.

  • No contact pickup and delivery have been made available at certain locations.
  • The standard rule of social distancing along with wearing a mask compulsorily has been implemented strictly and effectively for the betterment of the people within the store.
  • Virtual shopping is being promoted for safer shopping experiences.
  • The store has a more convenient and strict drive for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene at all times.



I hope the information about the Saks Fifth Avenue price match policy made available in this article is of easy comprehension and would assist you in your future reference. Make sure you’re well-acquainted with the products and their price differences during and post your purchases to be able to claim for the Saks Fifth Avenue policy. All the best! For your purchasing experience with Saks Fifth Avenue.



Do Saks Fifth Avenue effectively offer a price match policy?

  • Yes, Saks Fifth Avenue particularly offers a price match.


Does Saks Fifth Avenue have criteria to be followed mandatorily for a price match?

  • Yes, Saks Fifth Avenue does have a set of criteria to be eligible for a price match policy.


Does Saks Fifth Avenue have a deadline for price change?

  • Yes, Saks Fifth Avenue allows for price change only immediately within a week’s time. 


Does Saks Fifth Avenue allow it to be returned to Saks Off Fifth?

  • Yes, Saks Fifth Avenue can be technically returned to Saks Off Fifth.

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