Does Sears Price Match Guarantee? | Price Adjustment Policy 2021 Detailed Guide


How would it make you feel if you could pay a little attention to your brand and purchases and avail yourself of the opportunity of saving a couple of good bucks? Great right. So here in this article, you shall learn about certain price match and adjustment policies offered by Sears that will help you to pay a price more satisfying compared to that of the competition for the product in question.



In simple terms, price matching refers to the partial amount which is refundable by the retailer as a part of their policy to their customers based on the price drop difference of the competitive retailer for a given product within a given amount of time. Whereas, price adjustment refers to the act of comparison of the price drop difference on the product at the same retailer for a given product within a particular time duration.


Does Sears Price Match Guarantee? | Price Adjustment Policy 2021 Detailed Guide



Sears is a commonly used brand name for the American Department stores known as Sears, Roebuck, and Co., which was founded in 1892 by Richard Warren Sears and Alvah Curtis Roebuck. It is presently headquartered in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, whereas, previously it was located at Sears Tower in Chicago. Sears was the first corporation to use Mail ordering Catalogues and opening physical retail stores. Later, In 2005, Sears Holdings emerged as a result of the merger with the American Big Box chain K-Mart. Sears is recognized as one of the well-known department stores that offer everything and anything from clothes to home appliances to electronics under the same roof.



The pricing and packaging policy of Sears has always been very justified of the products offered in stores with a brand value and quality assurance. Hence, the customer base of Sears has a fairly wider reach and is intended to keep it that way by improving its delivery of services to improve customer experience. Therefore, with this into consideration, Sears offers price matching and price adjustment policies to its customer to keep them satisfied with their services and ensure loyalty towards their corporation for future shopping sprees.

Sears price matching policy enables you to match the price of an identical product with its competitive brands. Along with this policy, it also offers Sears price adjustment policy wherein the price is compared within Sears stores itself for a definite time period. These policies are eligible for both online and offline purchasing deals at Sears stores.




It is mandatory to keep up with the updated version of your product profile to monitor any drop in the price to be able to avail the benefit of Sears price match or price adjustment policy and attain a partial refund from the same.

In case of any price drop difference of the identical product in a competitive store, Sears has a criterion that needs to be followed that would ensure you a satisfactory partial refund on the product in question from purchasing from the store. Therefore, the following are the steps that you can simply follow to ensure that you take advantage of the Sears price matching policy from your purchasing experience from the store: 

  1. Handover proof of the original advertisement to any of the sales attendants available around the store at the time.
  2. Make sure you’re backed with definite information about the brand and model details to be able to verify for the price matching effectively.
  3. Remember the date plays a key role in this case, as only on the same date as of purchase is the price matching effective in action.
  4. It is also crucial to take note of the fact that the availability of the stock is also of higher consideration when price matching for a product or item.


In the case of online purchasing too, the Sears price matching is equally eligible for negotiation. The following are certain key points that are to be of primary concern when dealing with the case of online Sears price matching policy:

  1. Make sure you own a copy of the page of the order placed on the product which is inclusive of shipping and handling charges of the said competitor’s website.
  2. Handover the proof to any of the sales attendants around at the store the next time to visit the store for your purchasing activity.
  3. You can also approach the Sears customer service directly at 1-800-349-4358 if you choose to continue your purchasing online from The Sears price matching policy is equally effective in online proceedings.
  4. It is a must to fill in the form developed by Sears as a formality to claim your refund from the price matching policy.
  5. Again, It is also crucial to take note of the fact that the availability of the stock is also of higher consideration when price matching for a product or item even with online proceedings.


Sears also has an opening for a price adjustment policy to its customers who indulge in purchasing products from the official website of Sears at Though it has criteria that are to be looked upon thoroughly before indulging in claiming the Sears price adjustment policy at any given point. The following are certain key points to be kept in knowledge while for the same:

  1. Make sure you’re backed with definite information about the identical product about the brand and model details to be able to verify the price adjustment policy effectively.
  2. The product in question would only verify if it has been purchased from the official website of Sears at
  3. It is out of context to mix the purchasing deals from the official store of Sears and the official website of Sears. Merging the deals is an invalid provision for price matching and adjustment policy.
  4. Availability of stock for the product in question is also of higher consideration when proceeding with price matching.
  5. The validity of this activity is within the 30 days of the product being purchased from Sears.


Note: The products that are officially sold by Sears are of eligibility and also, any otherwise discounts, special offers, sales, occasional offers, etc are exclusive of this policy criteria.



Like any other corporation policies, even Sears has its own limitations and exclusions that are of primary importance when dealing with their price match or adjustment policy, which are to be precisely understood to avoid any disruptions while proceeding for the same. Therefore, the following are certain key exclusions that are non-negotiable for Sears price match and adjustment eligibility criteria:

  1. The specific duration of any kind of special or unique offers, as well as purchasing at public holidays are not eligible for price matching for the given identical product at the store.
  2. Availability of stock plays a key role here. Therefore, products with low stock rates are out of the question in such cases.
  3. The price match for the identical product is strictly constricted to the price of the product only and does not include any kind of extra costs.
  4. The policy strictly prohibits intervention of any third-party for claiming the price match of the particular identical product of question.
  5. The policy allows for only one price match per customer for an identical product purchased from Sears.



With the rapid and drastic spread of the global pandemic Covid-19, the global market and community had to see a state of complete lockdown which included shutting down such stores to ensure and prevent people’s health together under the same circumstances. Therefore, after a long wait when the global market has started resuming its position and functioning, Sears has also opened its doors and is ensuring utmost safety measures to prevent any unwanted mishap with the pandemic still in its existence along the line.

  1. The brand has successfully indulged in running health assessment scans for each of its employees.
  2. The employees within the stores are provided with masks and promoted with frequent sanitization of hands after every interaction.
  3. There can be found a plexi-guard at every till counter of the store.
  4. Social distancing is the key approach to avoid unnecessary hustle in the store by ensuring visible cues.
  5. There has been a complete ban on the usage of fitting rooms in the store. 



I hope the information available in this article regarding Sears price matching or price adjustment policy is of easy comprehension and helps simplify your understanding of the same. You can always feel free to contact Sears through in-store attendants or the Sears service desk at 1-800-349-4358 for any queries. You could also come back to our website and refer to our article to keep your knowledge fresh and handy about the price match or price adjustment policy of Sears. All the best! For your shopping experience with Sears. 



Do sears effectively offer a price match policy?

  • Yes, Sears particularly offers a price match as per the contemporary information available on an identical product with consideration of the competitive retailer.


Does Sears offer an opportunity for a price adjustment policy?

  • Sears allows a price adjustment policy to the purchases made through the official website only.


What is the eligibility period for availing of Sears price adjustment policy?

  • Sears allows a total of 30 days maximum to process the price adjustment policy into action from the day of our order being placed.


What is considered to be a local competitor retailer for Sears policy eligibility?

  • Any local store situated in the same market/ area or that falls within a reasonable distance with the Sears store is eligible to be a local competitor retailer for Sears.

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