Does Staples Price Match Guarantee? | Price Adjustment Policy Detailed


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Does Staples Price Match Guarantee? | Price Adjustment Policy Detailed



Staples Price Match Policy is extremely simple. Also, all of you might get a refund if you bring the proof within 14 days of purchase at the shop if you discover an equivalent product at a lower cost.

Visit Staples Store or e-mail on if you discover the difference within the price of the new identical product. you’ll get the difference as a refund. There are three simple steps to follow:

  • Find the lower cost for the merchandise.
  • Give proof of the worth difference.
  • Provide it to Staples Customer Service Associate to finish the method


Does Staples Price Match Guarantee? | Price Adjustment Policy Detailed



  • After getting conscious of the Staples price match Guarantee Policy there are some more points to stay in mind before price matching your product. Move down and know more.
  • If you would like a Price Match for the merchandise that the competitor is providing rebates or gifts or similar discounts then no Price Matching is going to be done thereon the product.
  • Let’s mention the delivery charges, which fully depend on whether the competitor’s order offers free shipping.
  • If the competitor provides free shipping for that order then therein case price matches are going to be administered without considering shipping charges.In case the competitor doesn’t provide free shipping, at that point calculation for shipping charges are going to be made before calculating the worth match.
  • doesn’t offer any price match policy. policies are different from those In-store.
  • After matching the competitor’s price the identical bonus for the merchandise is going to be provided where possible. Also if a free gift is obtainable by the competitor with the merchandise Staples have, then Staples will provide an equivalent valued gift card.



  • Staples Price Adjustment Policy is applicable for the products you buy from Staples and therefore the price of that similar product drops down within 14 days of your purchase. Price adjustments aren’t equivalent to returning the merchandise. once you return a product that has got to be unused and unopened in some cases.
  • But Price adjustment is also available on the merchandise that’s open and used. The sole drawback is that the corporate offering price adjustments won’t notify you when prices drop about this money-saving policy.
  • So now it’s your responsibility to remain more cautious to receive any potential refund.
  • The following is that the Staples Price Adjustment Policy points. in order that you’ll match your criteria easily and obtain a refund.
  • Price adjustment, sometimes also called price protection, states a policy that permits customers to say a partial refund. only the worth of the purchased product reduces during a given time frame.
  • In the case of Staples 14 days is that the time frame to say for the Staple Price Adjustment.
  • All the participants need to inform Staples Customer associate within 14 days of the acquisition date about the reduction within the price for an identical product as yours at store or
  • You will get your refund.
  • Price adjustments also are slightly different from price matching policies. Price matching is when a retailer will offer you a refund of the difference between their higher price of an honest and a competing retailer’s lower cost for an equivalent good. Price adjustments only compare different prices within an equivalent retailer over time.
  • There are special quiet tools that will help internet buyers to urge price adjustment automatically. they have a tendency to ask users to check in with an email account and skim the invoice in the user mailbox to urge the purchased price and track current price from the web stores like Macy’s, Nordstrom. Whole adjustment time lengths for online stores are normally between 14-30 days.


Does Staples Price Match Guarantee? | Price Adjustment Policy Detailed



  • Following are some rules for Price Matching any product. you’ll undergo them and if all the standards are fulfilled you’re able to price match any product.
  • Staples price match Policy states that nearly every item is going to be price matched.
  • But the merchandise must be therein criteria that are the merchandise must be identical, Model number is that the same components are equivalent and must have the U.S. warranty.
  • These stores will match your product sold online or In-stores by Its marketplace sellers are excluded from this policy.
  • Also, the merchandise sold by any retailer who sells the things In-store and also Online, under an equivalent BRAND.
  • The product is going to be refunded as long as it’s left available and available at that price from the vendor that has got to be the U.S. authorized.
  • For the merchandise with a service plan and wireless phones, the PLAN, the PROVIDER, and other conditions must be equivalent.
  • At the time of calculating the worth match, the Staples coupon applied thereto products are going to be deducted.
  • Also Staples rebates, manufacturer rebates are going to be deducted from a net price.
  • Dollars-off coupons also will be deducted from the costs of products in your order.
  • The prorated discount from all the Dollars-off coupons used during the acquisition also will be calculated during Price Match
  • These coupons sometimes also mean that your purchase isn’t valid for a price match.
  • Lastly, if these coupons or rebates after deduction don’t meet the worth of the merchandise that you simply want to cost Match then no refunds are offered.



  1. After learning about all the possible points worth matching. Take a quick note of the method of Price matching.
  2. Once you discover the merchandise at less than you bought.
  3. Gather the proof of the worth difference for the merchandise you would like the worth match.
  4. Price Match is merely available on the products you buy from the shop.
  5. Contact the Customer service associate at any local Staples store to finish the method of Worth Matching.
  6. Remember that Staples has the proper to vary the policy without prior notice.



  • Staples Price Match Guarantee provides a refund for nearly everything they sell. But there are some points that are exceptions you want to remember of Staples Price Match. Here how it is:
  • The price match isn’t applicable for the products purchased on specials events like Clearance, Timed Sales or liquidation sales, Grand Opening, “Black Friday”, “Cyber Monday”, Door crashers, or anniversary.
  • Price Matching with the opposite companies or maybe at Staples Stores isn’t applicable on the above points if you buy the merchandise on those days no refund is obtainable.
  • Some products aren’t included in Staples Price Match Policy and people are:
    1. EasyTech services
    2. Printing and Marketing services
    3. Third-Party vendors produced products
    4. Custom Product i.e. specially made for you
    5. Promotional products or printed products on your request
    6. Postage or Items sold on auction sites
    7. Gifts card and Phone cards.
    8. Store Pickup Orders
    9. Apps sold on
    10. Taxes, warranties, Merchandise Credit
    11. Contracted Prices to Staples Membership holding customer
    12. typographical Errors



They have set a limit of Price Match. The limit is that you simply can Price Match ONE PRODUCT on just one occasion. Each of you gets just one chance to match one product.



  1. The main motive of this store is for the well being of the purchasers and therefore the employees arriving there. thanks to the present situation, many of us face high trouble thanks to close-downs.
  2. Similar staples also close their store’s thanks to covid-19. After the new guidelines, they opened the shop back by taking necessary precautions in mind. This is often a glimpse of precaution that has got to be taken care of.
  3. All the purchasers and associates must wear a mask.
  4. Plexiglass shields are entered near the register area.
  5. All the associates must do mandatory checkups.
  6. Proper social distancing is being made between all those inside the shop.



Q.1.Does Staple provide a price match?

  • Yes, staples provide a price match.


Q.2.Staples price match guarantee?

  • Staples Price Match Policy is extremely simple. you’ll get a refund if you bring the proof within 14 days of purchase at the shop if you discover an equivalent product at a lower cost.


Q.3.Staples price adjustment policy?

  • Staples Price Adjustment Policy is applicable for the products you buy from Staples and therefore the price of that similar product drops down within 14 days of your purchase.


Q.4.Contact number for staples for price match query.

  • 1-800-333-3330


Q.5.Which items does Staples’s price match?

  • Almost everything we sell. All the items here must be identical, including model number, components and U.S. warranty. The item must be available and available for purchase at that price from a licensed U.S. reseller, whose authorization we reserve the proper to verify. For wireless phones and other items with a service plan, the plan, provider, and other terms must be equivalent.


Q.6.Are quantities limited on price-matched products?

  • Yes. One price match, per customer, per item.


Q.7.How do I buy a price match?

  • Price Match is merely available for purchases made during a Staples store, please see an associate at our customer service desk at your local store. This policy is subject to vary all of sudden.


Q.8.Which competitors will Staples price match?

  • These retail stores will price match items that are sold and shipped by (its Marketplace sellers are excluded), and sold by any retailer who sells products in both retail stores and online under an equivalent brand.



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