Top 5 Things To Do In Phoenix, Arizona

Do In Phoenix

As the name suggests, the Valley of the Sun is a well-known destination for people who enjoy the warmth all year round and want to explore the city in the sunshine. Phoenix is not only known for its dry nature and desert plants but also historical sights and inviting architecture. 

If you are planning to visit one of the largest cities in the USA, here you will find several suggestions for having the best time with your friends or family. Each visitor will surely find something for themselves since Phoenix boasts beautiful nature and culture.

The Grand Canyon Day Trip

What is a Phoenix vacation without visiting the Grand Canyon? It is one of the wonders of the world and being there in the flesh is an unforgettable experience. It is worth your whole day off to visit this remarkable site with your loved ones. There are numerous day trips to the Grand Canyon depending on your interests. If you are into hiking and exploring on foot, search for the most popular trails. Prioritize the more approachable and more visited trail if you are new to hiking. You don’t want to get too tired or scared of the trail planned. Make sure you enjoy your day and do not push yourself physically. 

You will find good hikes both on the West and the South Rim. If you are going for the first time, you probably want to take in the whole view of this well-known wonder. The Kaibab Trail is the right choice for first-time visitors since it gives you a 360-degree view. You can take photos of your adventure from the best spot and enjoy the moment. 

Sunset Hot Air Balloon Ride

This activity is a must. It is recommended by the locals and the tourists. What is more calming and romantic than watching the sunset from a giant hot air balloon? You are overlooking the Sonoran Desert from the most luxurious spot possible and enjoying the fresh air up high. It is a great idea to surprise your family with the ride but also to plan a proposal. Most importantly, make sure you are hiring a company certified in FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). It means you will be safe in the air, with pilots who have years of experience. 

All-day Shopping Spree

Speaking of proposals, you might want to prepare that ring on time. Buy an engagement ring from a jewelry store so you have the most important thing ready. You may need to sneak out to get this or perhaps you want a nice day of jewelry shopping with your partner with no surprise effects. If you are looking for other luxurious items, there are several spots you may be interested in. Visit local boutiques and antique stores to bring the most authentic pieces home. It is far better to buy items that are from the local designers and artists. It means you get an item that will remind you of your trip and you will have something unique.

Roosevelt Row Arts District

Roosevelt Row (RoRo) is highly praised for its rich culture. There is an array of murals and street art that represent the people living there. It is a place to be artsy and expressive or at least visit the spot to appreciate artists such as Lalo Cota and La Morena. You will get to know the history of Phoenix through their pieces and enjoy the vibrant colors of their art. 

The best time to visit this area is on the so-called First Friday Art Walk which happens once a month. It is a free event where attendees from different backgrounds showcase their art. Besides various art-related venues and galleries, you can enjoy food and drinks from local bars and food trucks.

The Musical Instrument Museum

Make early reservations for your tickets to enjoy music and see instruments from around the globe from an early age of humankind to today. The Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) is number one on TripAdvisor’s list of things to do in Phoenix and for a good reason. You can learn more about musical instruments, to be more specific, over 6,800 of them. They originate from different places such as the USA, Mexico, China, Brazil, and others. 


Phoenix offers a vast array of things to do and places to visit. If you are more into street art and the nightlife, the RoRo is for you. You will find interesting items to buy and take home. Some tourists visit Phoenix to relax and breathe fresh air surrounded by nature so they pick a hike to the Grand Canyon. This is, of course, a no-brainer. Visiting this magnificent landscape and exploring the history of this rich archeological site is a remarkable experience. Explore online and make a list of activities before embarking on your journey

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