Top Digital Addictions


The Internet has changed the world for the better and for the worse. With many obvious advantages and benefits of modern technologies, people also experience many of its dangers. For example, digital addictions are becoming the new dangers of today, all due to the impact of the online world. Such addictions come in various forms and people may not even notice they have a problem until their personal and professional lives, as well as mental health, are jeopardized by their online activity. Here are the top digital addictions we should beware of. 

Social media

Let’s start with probably the most widely spread digital addiction, which is social media. The majority of the population, young and old, is present on at least one social media platform. However, in most cases, users are active on two and more platforms. These can be Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter, to name just a few.

At first, the usage of such a platform seems quite harmless. People go there to connect with their friends and family, share their personal updates, learn the latest news, etc. However, the more we learn about how such platforms operate and what damage they may cause to one’s mental health, the more aware we become about the reality of social media addiction. 

There is a lot to say about this particular issue. Those willing to learn more should contact professional academic writers, asking them, “Can you write my essay for me on social media addiction?” They will provide you with full research on the topic. However, to keep it short, social media is built to provide users with easy and brief hits of pleasure after each engagement, like seeing likes or comments under one’s post. Soon, the need for feeling such pleasure becomes almost constant, forcing people to be more active on their social media pages. 

However, that’s not all. Social media is also often used as a means to fight boredom, feelings of loneliness, or other psychological voids. Yet, in the end, such usage can’t provide people with long-lasting positive feelings or any solutions to their personal problems. Instead, they can give only a temporary but convenient escape that people want to experience again and again, creating an addiction. 


Online games come in a great variety for everyone’s taste and needs. Some people play mobile games to kill some time during commuting or out of boredom. Others become rather serious online players who spend hours mastering their gaming skills and upgrading their characters. Overall, gaming addiction can come in many shapes and forms. However, the outcome of it is always the same. People become rather estranged in their real lives and spend hours and days in the digital world. 

Of course, most games can be very interesting and exciting as well as pretty harmless if used in moderation. Unfortunately, though, moderation is really not the word to describe the current generation of online users. Getting everything at once at this very instant is what people want these days. In addition, many modern online games have really no end to them, like World of Warcraft. These are the open-world games that always have quests, new additions, and storylines to discover. So people can “live” in those simulations for years. 


Unfortunately, there is one addiction that’s certainly worse than online gaming. It is online gambling. Needless to say that gambling has always been a pretty nasty and even dangerous addiction. Well, online gambling is no exception. People get hooked on the fun, intuitive interfaces, simple rules, and easy access. You don’t need to travel anywhere to gamble, and no one can catch you doing something illegal. Gamble all you want! Sadly, that’s the trap many people fall into. Soon, they start living a double life when they gamble online and hide it in real life. Such a position is already unhealthy and creates even more stress, anxiety, and paranoia among gamblers. 

In addition, most gambling sites manage the money aspect of the game so smoothly that gamblers don’t even notice they are running out of money with each click. In the end, a person is broke, frustrated, scared, and sometimes suicidal. The shame of their addiction takes the best of them, and at this point, getting professional help can be their only chance for recovery. Additionally, online gambling can also come in the form of online trading, crypto mining, and esports. So people may not even notice at once that they are having a gambling issue until it’s too late. 

Online Shopping

Getting your shopping done is easier than ever before. You can do it whenever from wherever. And that is exactly what leads to the problem of online shopping addiction. Of course, shopaholism is nothing new. It has existed since the appearance of capitalism. Yet, online shopping addiction is slightly different. Making those purchases online, reading reviews, leaving them yourself, tracking and waiting for packages to arrive, unpacking them… All of that has become the new drill and form of addiction for many people around the world. 

A person gets to feel good by clicking on those basket icons and ordering something for themselves. It’s comforting. It is the world where each page welcomes you and honors you as their favorite person in the world. Also, it’s a great way to kill boredom, or at least some people think so until they get addicted and can’t go long without making another purchase. Eventually, such browsing can take hours of your free time, large sums out of your budget, and much room in your living space.

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