Safety is by far the most important factor that you should consider when using the internet. Although several online casinos like King Billy Casino have acquired advanced security technologies that facilitate safe and secured gambling, gamblers still remain cautious when playing games online. Even though the latest security technologies in use are proofing are very reliable, this article will provide you with several safety tips that will help you gamble safely. They include ONLINE SAFETY TIPS;

  • Use 2-factor authentication – ONLINE SAFETY TIPS

To enhance the security of their customers, most online casinos are using two-factor authentication as a security measure to prevent illegal access to the accounts of their customers because this system provides an additional layer of security to the accounts of gamblers. Thus, if a casino has this security option in place, activate it immediately.

  • Request for a licence

Before playing in any casino, request for a copy of the casino’s licence. Verifying the licence of a casino before playing there will help you evade illegal casinos as governments only award a licence to authentic casinos. 

  • Use cryptocurrency

In most online casinos, there are several payment systems. However, cryptocurrency, which is the most recent payment system introduced in online casinos, remains the safest medium for financial transactions. Cryptocurrency enhances safe gambling by using an impervious security system that cannot be penetrated by hackers. Also, lower charges are collected on transactions made in cryptocurrency. Thus, gamble in cryptocurrency.

  • Activate the high-level security systems

Fingerprint and face recognition systems are examples of high-level security systems used by online casinos such as King Billy to prevent unauthorised logins. For these security checks to work, you must activate them on your account settings. Thus, if you are playing in a casino that offers this advanced level of security, activate these measure instantly.

  • Read the terms and conditions

Most online casinos state their safety policies and rules on their terms and conditions. Also, they carefully explain their available payment system in this document. Thus, before signing up in any casinos read their terms and conditions very well and if you are unsatisfied with them, quit the casino immediately.

  • Use notifications

As an extra security measure, some online casinos provide a safety notification feature that instantly informs an account owner of attempted breaches. Therefore, if a casino offers this feature, activate it instantly to help you prevent these breaches. 

  • Have a strong password

When you create an online casino account, the system will automatically generate a password for you. The password, a weak one, consists of mainly letters and can easily be breached by hackers. Thus, once you create a new account, beef up your account security by changing the default password immediately and use a strong password that has more than 12 characters formed from a mixture of letters, numbers, and symbols. 

  • Request for reviews

After picking a casino, run an online review on social media on their safety history. If a good number of people vouch for them, then play your games there.

  • Save your information offline

Most internet users save their personal information online. Some of them do this on unreliable data security sites. This is highly dangerous and a security breach can come with serious consequences. Therefore, to avoid regrets, save your confidential information like your casino password offline.

  • Install cyber-security systems

Countless cyber security systems can perfectly secure your mobile device against all forms of cyber-related crimes. Thus, find a good one and install them on your mobile device to guard against cyber-attacks.


Gambling in the safest way is solely your responsibility as an online casino user. From the activation of different safety protocols provided by the casino to the use of a strong password, you have a role to play to guarantee your safety when gambling. Nevertheless, after applying the safety measures listed above, learn the rules of the game, be active on the social media platform of the casino and become a regular customer to make your gambling experiences memorable.

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