What Are Some of the Most Popular Online Games of 2022?

Popular Online Games

In the world of gaming, there is no place for the outdated. The world of gaming is so vast that players never feel complete or bored even after playing hundreds of titles. There are thousands of other successful online games across multiple genres waiting for you to pounce upon. If you don’t stay updated with all the recent games that are getting released, you are not welcome into any serious online gaming communities. With another new year that has just begun, it’s time to get yourself up to date with all the new upcoming popular games for this year.

Online games remain fascinating as long as the players continue to storm the servers or the games keep on releasing new updates and events to attract more gamers. Thankfully, many Battle Royale and Tactical Shooters games have ticked both the boxes to start off another year on a high. It’s not uncommon for many indie and action-adventure titles to wane off after reigning for a couple of years, but games like World of Warcraft still rule over many PC games even after decades. Some online games can stay afloat for many years because of the regular updates released by their developers, whereas others are completely new to the market and have become widely popular by exploring new gaming genres.

Which Online Games Are Trending in 2022?

If you know where to look, you will never run out of exciting games to enjoy. Along with the latest releases of the widely popular gaming franchises, various media outlets and online gaming communities like Steam constantly track popular titles and their daily player count and post live updates and news on their sites for everyone to see. 


The oldest game that is still widely popular among players worldwide, Minecraft is one of the few games to feature a single-player mode. Even with its very simple graphics and basic survival mechanics, the game has provided several memorable adventures to many players. 


Minecraft still ranks as one of the most sold games of all time, giving rise to thousands of public servers for you to join and play. The game has maintained a solid player base over the years and, with its regular updates and mods, has become one of the most loved online games.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends drew inspiration from the Titanfall franchise and brought out a game based on the combination of hero shooters and battle royale mechanics. The game differentiates the players into distinct classes based on their ability to maintain a balance of the battle royale system and make the game more exciting. 

Because it is freely available, Apex Legends has been able to maintain a high player count since its release in 2019. Even in 2022, Apex Legends is bound to continue its popularity because of its continuous development and onboarding of new characters from the Titanfall folklore. 

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds


Popularly known as PUBG, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is another online battle royale game that became an instant hit soon after its release in 2018. In every match, 100 players parachute onto an island map to scavenge for ammunition and equipment supplies and fight each other off to stand out as the sole remaining winner. As time progresses, the map area also shrinks to make the game more challenging and the battles more intense. 

While you can play PUBG solo, the game also has several game modes ranging from Team Deathmatch to Zombie Horde. The game is attributed to be the founder of the battle royale craze and remains an undisputed frontrunner amongst online games. The game is available on multiple devices, including mobile, PC, and consoles, which gives rise to its massive player base and popularity.

League of Legends

Often considered the spine of competitive gaming, League of Legends has several professional and collegiate teams playing out intense matches that keep the gaming networks occupied for ages. League of Legends is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena game, abbreviated as MOBA, where two teams of five players each battle out to destroy the opponent’s base, also termed Nexus.

Each individual Champion in the game wields different abilities and plays unique roles to support their team and eliminate opponents. Players gain experience from defeating minions using new abilities which they can unlock to enhance their existing powers. League of Legends is one of the most populated games and a great choice for online gamers in 2022.


The present period of online gaming has become saturated with several battle royale games occupying the top slots in terms of popularity and player base, giving little scope for other games to shine. 

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