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Are you an existing truthful customer of BHS clothes store? How do you feel about holding the power of sharing your experience while shopping at the store? For the mutual benefit of improving your experience and helping the store upgrade its marketing, here is the BHS customer feedback survey at for your convenience.

If you’ve had a first-hand experience with the BHS shop then this BHS customer feedback survey is definitely for you to contribute towards the improvement of the pleasurable experience at the store with a reward awaiting you for your credible initiative.



BHS is a popular abbreviation for the British Housing Store, which is popularly known for selling clothing and household items. It is a British department store chain founded in 1928 in Brixton, which is now legally styled as BHS LTD and is seen to be a leading clothing chain of fashion stores all around the United Kingdom. It offers clothing ranges for all age groups and gender and different occasions as well. It has now expanded in the markets of furniture, electronics, entertainment, convenience groceries, and fragrance, and beauty products offering good quality products at affordable prices.


Name BHS 
Survey Site
Prize Win a Free iPad
Entries 1/receipt
Enter Online
Age  18 years or older
Location UK
Language English



  • Like any other survey, some considerable rules and requirements are expected to be met before allowing for taking up the BHS customer feedback survey. They are as follows:
  • The applicant for the survey must be a citizen of the United States of America and the UK
  • The person has to be of age 16 years with a moderately basic understanding of the English or Spanish language to be eligible for taking up this survey.
  • Access to the BHS customer feedback survey is made available at which requires an electronic device with a smooth internet connection, to begin with, the process.
  • The survey can be analyzed only once but each participant.
  • Access to the survey can be done only when the participant has a receipt from their last visit to the nearest store.
  • The code on the coupon is highly personalized and it strictly prevents transmitting or selling it to others.
  • The coupon code will no longer be valid post a week from the day it has been received.
  • Any of the people that belong under the vast commercial umbrella of the brand are not eligible for the survey.
  • The validation code that a participant wins after the completion of the survey requires to be redeemed within 30 days of receiving it. - BHS Customer Survey



  1. The step-by-step instructions for participating in this BHS customer feedback survey is available on their official survey website as well as with this article, your understanding should be simplified to have a more smooth experience while fulfilling the survey. The steps are as given below:
  2. Open your browser and click on the URL that has been provided by the BHS store for an official evaluation of their customer service experiences.
  3. Carefully go through the instructions provided on the screen once and then fill in the coupon code provided on the receipt from the latest visit to the BHS store.
  4. Once gained access to the survey, the participant would be asked to fill in the location of the nearest BHS store that they had visited in their most recent visit.
  5. The following step would be a powerful opportunity for the participants to give out honest ratings based on their first-hand experience at the store on their last visit.
  6. Next, the users will be asked to rate the experience on a scale of highly satisfied to highly dissatisfied based on the speed of service, the accuracy of the order, and the quality of service.
  7. Then the survey heads to the psychosocial part where the ambiance, service, and interaction within the store are recorded.
  8. The most fundamental aspect of filling this survey is to fill in honest answers and opinions in the context of their experience at the BHS store.
  9. In the end, after submitting the survey,  the customers are rewarded with a coupon code which is expected to be redeemed on their next visit within 30 days.



The BHS customer feedback survey requires close attention to all the necessary boxes that are expected to be filled with the right kind of honest opinion of the experience at the store. The survey cannot begin without entering the individual coupon code provided to you on your receipt in the last visit, this ensures to leave no room for selling or transmitting the coupon code. At the end of the survey, the participant must fill in the short form that requires contact information and a part of the criteria to enter you in the draw for the reward.



I hope this article has been of easy comprehension and follow up to evaluate the BHS customer feedback survey at All the best! For your future visits to the store and hope, you have a more satisfactory experience each time.



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