California Pizza Kitchen Customer Satisfaction Survey - california pizza kitchen customer satisfaction survey

California pizza kitchen customer satisfaction survey is found on is an online survey for the customers who visit the California pizza kitchen. They have made this survey just to know that what people think about their food and the person who attempts this feedback can get a gift hamper of $500 on an immediate note. California pizza kitchen survey is all about the last visit that a customer had done. This survey is totally online and very few time-consuming processes.

 your reviews are valuable and you will get some reward for this. This survey is to improve the quality, quantity of the food which is served by the company to the customer. So one humble request to all of the customers who are attaining this feedback that please give an honest review of what you experience when you visit us and what things we should have improved in our shop to make you more comfortable. So we request you to give a very honest review of us. If you experience the negative feedback then you are free to give the honest review that this should be the problem or changes you should have to take care of.



California pizza kitchen is a casual American dining restaurant found in California which is famous for California style pizza. It is also famous for its innovative and nontraditional variety of pizzas like original BBQ chicken pizza, Thai chicken, BLT, and Jamaican jerk chicken pizza. We offered a lot many more types of pizzas and many other beverages.

 This company has an old firm with many experiences. California pizza kitchen wants to deliver a good quality of pizza so that they have decided to improve their quality by taking the reviews of the customers. They had decided to give rewards to those who had taken part in filling the survey. The California pizza kitchen will give them a reward of $500 or more and this survey is totally online so there is no need to stand in the queue to fill the form and it is really very less time-consuming.



  1. You should know the basic two languages which are English and Spanish.
  2. Your age must be 18 or more 
  3. You should have the recent receipt of the California pizza kitchen
  4. You should have to the internet
  5. You should have a smartphone, laptop, computer, tablet, or anyone connected to the internet.
  6. You must have a residential ship of America
  7. Employes are not allowed to fill this feedback.

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  1. First, you should connect your device with the internet.
  2. Type on the web browser.
  3. On the first page, you are asked to choose the language.
  4. You have to choose accordingly
  5. After selecting the language you should have to write the code which is given in the recent receipt of the California pizza kitchen.
  6. Then after placing the code press next.
  7. On the second page, you are asked by the question related to the quality and quantity of the food, questions related to the services, etc…
  8. Now after answering the questions you still have to share something regarding feedback and it is not mentioned in the questions then you are free to write in the comment section given below.
  9. Make Sure that you answer the question very honestly.
  10. After  you are done with everything then submit the feedback
  11. Don’t forget to mention your contact number because the reward will gonna share on that contact detail only.

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I hope you get the all the idea about how to take online california pizza kitchen survey which found on response of the customer is very important for the California pizza kitchen to improve themselves in many ways if they are not. On behalf of this review, the customer also gets some rewards and discount coupons. The company had done this. They want the customer’s happiness and they want the customer when visit again will experience great joy and satisfaction.and they want your visit after you gave feedback is very memorable. This feedback will hardly take a few minutes to complete and the California pizza kitchen will take your feedback in a very positive manner and they will improve themselves where needed.


  • The official site of California pizza kitchen:- Click Here
  • The survey site of California pizza kitchen:-  Click Here

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