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www.haggen.com/survey - haggen customer satisfaction survey

The HAGGEN CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY, found at www.Haggen.com/survey developed by the HAGGEN is a web questionnaire to record your valuable thoughts regarding products and services offered by them to maintain a comfy aura at the HAGGEN. They offer a fabulous chance to win a $100 HAGGEN gift card on the complete process of the survey by taking a couple of minutes of yours at the comfort of your couch. They want to gather information from you what likes and dislikes according to you which will be in turn a great help to the HAGGEN to make improvements in regards to maintaining the environment and availability of products for you on the next purchase.

For a better shopping experience, it is required to know what you and others think about the products and services of HAGGEN. You may think it will be a time-consuming process but you don’t need to take any confusion about it.  It is made an online method for your convenience.



The HAGGEN has known by placing things of pharmacy along with grocery stores established in 1933 having 15 grocery stores at different locations in the United States. It is one of the largest grocery stores having countless things related to photo processing centers and food organizations on the west coast. 

It’s initial starting in 1933 and in 2016, Albertsons acquired HAGGEN. At that time many locations of HAGGEN had converted into Albertsons stores. Only 15 locations had remained to share love among people. Because of its best services, these are still popular in Washington State.



  • Either a laptop or mobile device must have fast internet access to become participants of the survey. 
  • Must be able to read and write the English language to answer all the questions appropriately. 
  • Last visit HAGGEN receipt is required to have in your hands to cross welcoming doors of the HAGGEN considered an invitation for the survey. 
  • Have an ability to recall the visit experience for a detailed explanation. 
  • Below 18 years old participants are not allowed to take the HAGGEN customer satisfaction survey. 
  • Try to become as specific as you are.


www.haggen.com/survey - haggen customer satisfaction survey



  1. Customers need to open the browser and visit the official URL of HAGGEN CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY at www.Haggen.com/survey
  2. The welcome page of the HAGGEN customer satisfaction survey will be displayed on the screen containing information related to HAGGEN survey guidelines.
  3. After that, your age will be verified and move forward if you ready then look at the receipt and fill the blocks with information such as date of visiting, store number, lane number, and transaction code mentioned on the receipt. A diagram is also designed for your convenience in the middle of the information.
  4. After that, you will be asked some questions related to HAGGEN things like the behavior of staff, environment, quality of products, and many similar things. You will have to rate it based on your experience good or not how amazing it was etc.
  5. Now it’s time to get sweepstake prize $100 HAGGEN gift card by entering your personnel information including email address, name, contact number, etc. you will be informed if in case you win. Also, you have the option to skip the reward by clicking on “NO THANKS” and close the survey.



The HAGGEN customer satisfaction survey available at www.haggen.com/survey conducted by the HAGGEN to measure your satisfaction level in regards to set up a comfortable environment for your happiness. Your valuable feedback plays a significant role in the HAGGEN to grow the heights of business along with arranging a comfy aura for collecting happy moments with HAGGEN.



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