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The Kinney drugs customer experience survey, found at www.kinneykares.com, is an online questionnaire designed by Kinney drugs, to measure customer satisfaction in regards to service and products. Since they care so much for their customers they will take your feedback into consideration to improve their services for you. In addition to you completing their survey at the comfort of your couch they also provide a $2 discount code at your next purchase(should be at least $20).

If you take part in this questionnaire, then they can get an idea about how they can improve business themselves as much as they can. You can also leave comments, leaving suggestions, appreciation as per your last visit. You can only avail of this survey if you have the receipt. If you look on your receipt it has an eleven digit code that will help you access the survey. It will barely take a few minutes of your time. The business really cares for its customers so be honest at all times. 



Kinney Drugs provides high-quality pharmacy, health, and retail products to its customers. The 110-store chain has locations in Vermont and central and northern New York. Pharmacist and founder Burt Orrin Kinney opened his first store in his hometown of Gouverneur, NY, in 1903. Kinney Drugs is a manufacturer and retailer in the drug store chain concept it was one of the first companies to expand beyond health items as part of its offerings.



It is a very simple survey done within a few minutes to increase your satisfaction on your next visit. 

  1. Have access to a computer/mobile and good Internet access.
  2. You should be able to read and write in  English or Spanish
  3. Have your recent Kinney Drugs receipt that contains an eleven digit code for the survey.
  4. Responding honestly to the questions.


www.kinneykares.com - kinney drugs customer experience survey



  1. Go to www.KinneyKares.com
  2. Enter your eleven-digit invitation number from your receipt. Click the blue arrow to continue.
  3. Answer questions about your most recent experience. These questions will be multiple choice.
  4. You may select one or more answers, so pay close attention to directions on each page. Please be honest with your answers. Some questions may also provide a text box. This is where you can type in your answer in your own words. Please use these when available.
  5. When finished with the questionnaire, you will get a $2 redemption code. Write this code on your receipt and take it with you on your next visit and avail of your discount.



If you like to shop at Kinney stores, it makes sense to sign up for their free value card. The membership will allow you to track your spending and the best part is that you will also receive exclusive discounts and promotions.



The Kinney drugs customer experience survey, found at www.kinneykares.com, is an online questionnaire designed by Kinney drugs, to improve their service and product for their customers. The questions are straightforward and are based on your previous experiences when you visited the store. Once you get the receipt, you are ready for the survey. The step by step guide we made will allow you to have an easy and pleasant time while taking the Which Wich survey. Be honest and follow through and win the rewards.



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