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The Mathis Brothers Customer Satisfaction Survey found on is an online questionnaire developed by Mathis Brothers to know its customers and their opinions and the quality of the experiences they experienced on using the products and services offered by Mathis Brothers. So that, Mathis Brothers can make the improvements based upon the suggestions of its customers and their requirements. A good company like Mathis Brothers cares about the experiences and opinions of its customers and the Mathis Brothers Customer Satisfaction Survey is a part of its work that shows that the company cares. Also, this survey will be helpful for Mathis Brothers in creating an understanding for its business among its costumers and to provide them better services and overall experiences at their future purchases.



Famously known for providing great furniture at low prices, Mathis Brothers was started by Don and Bud. The company was established in 1960 and had made a revolutionary entry I the furniture world at that time and even after working for many years, Mathis Brothers never disappoints its customers in providing great deals on their products.  Due to their different approach in selling furniture middle-class and lower-middle-class families don’t need to wait for the festive sales for purchasing their favorite furniture pieces and they can buy them at any time of the year.

From becoming the largest independent furniture provider in America to extending their catalog above 10,000 items, Mathis Brothers always amaze its customers. The deal where they will provide you their furniture for free if you found the same one at a lower price anywhere in the country is a set example of their confidence in their work and the price they provide their goods at.



  • You will be needing a PC or laptop, having a good internet connection.
  • You should be knowing the English language.
  • You should be a legal resident of the United States of America, Puerto Rico or Canada in order to take part in the Mathis Brothers Customer Satisfaction Survey.
  • The employees working at Mathis Brothers together with their immediate family members are not allowed to take part in this survey.
  • You should be holding the receipt from your recent visit to Mathis Brothers providing you the invitation to take part in Mathis Brothers Customer Satisfaction Survey.
  • Your age should be 18 or above in order to participate in the Mathis Brothers Customer Satisfaction Survey. - Take Mathis Brothers Survey



  1. Open on your PC or laptop.
  2. Now read all the terms and conditions together with all the information provided carefully.
  3. After reading click the “START” button.
  4. Now from the receipt, you are holding, enter the zip code of the store that you visited with your e-mail address.
  5. Now you will get a set of questions based entirely upon your experience. Rate all of these questions honestly.
  6. Submit your answers, now you need to provide your contact details like your first name and other details to enter into the Mathis Brothers sweepstakes.
  7. Now press the “send” button.
  8. Using just 3 to 5 minutes of your time you have helped Mathis Brothers by sharing your true opinion and in exchange, you got an entry into the Mathis Brothers sweepstakes which can make you win a $1,000 Mathis Brothers shopping spree. Isn’t it a win-win combination!



  • Mathis Brothers Corporate Office Address: Mathis Brothers, 3434 W Reno Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73107



Mathis Brothers is a company that keeps customer satisfaction as a priority. The online customer satisfaction survey is a great way to establish a two-way connection between the management, who is behind the daily operations of the Mathis Brothers and its customers. Making the Mathis Brothers survey online will help the customers to take part in the survey at their own comfort.

Adding a price factor of providing a chance to earn a $1,000 Mathis Brothers shopping spree will help the company in connecting with more people and in collecting more data. Each and every employee at Mathis Brothers is entirely dedicated to the main aim of customer satisfaction. Whether you are having negative reviews or positive ones about the company you should rate all the answers honestly. Because the people at Mathis Brothers respect each and every opinion they receive, no matter if it’s positive or negative. And Mathis Brothers is ready to work upon its shortcomings to provide you a better experience on your future purchases.



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