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ABOUT MY ANCHOR POLICY – Pay Bill Online Anchor General Auto: The longer an unpaid bill stays on collecting dust, the more uncomfortable it causes the person responsible to make sure it gets paid. Fortunately, those who have auto insurance with Anchor General can ensure their bills are out of sight and out of mind in minutes by making an online payment on the My Anchor Policy page. You must click the Make a payment button before entering a user ID along with an account password to log into an account and begin the online bill payment process. Those blocked by the password request can click Forgot password? and enter the email address associated with the account to begin the recovery process. Customers who have not yet registered for online access to a policy can begin the account registration process by clicking the Register New User link (posted under the login fields on the My Anchor Policy page).


  • User ID and password needed to login
  • New users can create an online account
  • Customer service is available by phone

Anchor general insurance agency clients can make payments for their insurance policy online on my anchor policy website. the site is multifunctional; allowing customers options to do a variety of things, such as view their policies, make payments, search for career opportunities within the company, and more. If you have an account with the component, all information about your policy is available for review online by simply logging into your online account.

The site is a great service for customers as they have the freedom and convenience to manage their accounts through the Internet without the need to contact their local insurance agency or make phone calls to their insurance representative regarding their account. All information on the policy is available online.

To get started with the site, customers will first need to know and enter the user ID and password to access the site. If you are a new user and it is the first time you try to access the site, the first step will be to carry out the online registration process starting from the new user registration link. just enter all the information including name, email, password, policy number and driver’s license number to create your online login.

After logging into your account, you will see all the account features and functions available for your use. The main use of the site is to make online payments. customers can make monthly payments, set up automatic debits from their bank account, pay by phone, and more. There are many options available and you can select which one is the most convenient for you.



  • Provides coverage for private car liability and non-standard physical damage
  • San Diego-based company that also provides coverage in AZ and TX in addition to CA.
  • It is committed to providing the highest quality customer service to policyholders and manufacturers.
  • The company plans to expand into several states AND additional products

After clicking the Register New User link, you need to complete an online form with your first name, last name, email address, password, policy number, and driver’s license number. Please note that the password entered must be between 5 and 30 characters long and must contain at least 1 number and 1 letter. If you have questions about an account, try contacting Anchor General’s customer service by phone, fax, or email.





  • 800-542-6246
  • 800-527-3750



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