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www.pizzapizzasurvey.ca - pizza pizza customer satisfaction survey

Have you ever visited pizza pizza and in love with the awesome taste of pizzas there? You have a chance to showcase your thoughts in your words in front of the pizza pizza by becoming a participant of the pizza pizza survey found at www.pizzapizzasurvey.ca is a web questionnaire developed by the people of pizza pizza to know about what you think and how can make improvements based on your feedback also for giving a more suitable environment to you to keep a smile on your face always.  They want to hear from you about your experience to update their customer services.

This is not end here; you won’t believe that just giving a few minutes in the comfort of your couch they offer an opportunity to grab a redemption code to use on your next visit. Check your receipt for what you could receive as a reward.  Yes, it’s true. Not joking at all. Your participation plays a significant role to get information about what works and what doesn’t in getting a prosperous growth of the pizza pizza.


www.pizzapizzasurvey.ca - pizza pizza customer satisfaction survey



PIZZA PIZZA limited is a Canadian fast-food pizza franchise originally founded in 1967 by Michael overs and headquartered in Toronto, Ontario and also has restaurants in Nova Scotia, Quebec, and western Canada along with more than 500 locations throughout Canada covering some areas in movie theatres and college campuses because of its unique taste of pizzas.

Name Pizza Pizza
Prize Pizza Pizza Coupons
Entries Online
Purchase No
Age 18+
Location The United States
Language English & French



  • A mobile device or laptop with feasible internet connectivity is required to access the web portal of the survey.
  • This survey is designed for only legal residents of the United States.
  • Must have a basic understanding of English and French language to give all the answers appropriately.
  • Below 18 years old customers are not allowed to become participants of the survey.
  • A recent visit receipt plays the role of the invitation card of the survey and your hands must be contained with it to cross the welcoming doors of the survey.
  • Only one entry is allowed per receipt.
  • Try to become as specific as you are in the way of taking the survey.


www.pizzapizzasurvey.ca - pizza pizza customer satisfaction survey



If you are the one who fulfills all the mentioned above conditions then must go towards the steps of taking the survey online.

  1. Visit the official URL of the pizza pizza customer satisfaction survey at www.pizzapizzasurvey.ca
  2. Click on the preferred language to give appropriate answers to choose based on your comfort zone.
  3. Enter the store or restaurant number and timing of visit when you dined out there from your receipt mentioned at the bottom. Then click on the ‘start’ button.
  4. After that, you will be asked some questions related to your visit experience. There are three types of questions you may meet; the first one type of question has multiple choice answers where one answer is selected. The second one also has multiple choice answers where one or more answer is selected and the third one is in type form where you have to give detailed information according to your experience. Read all the guidelines correctly and give all the answers honestly.
  5. Now it’s done!! Pat on your back and get a validation code that is easily redeemable on your next visit. Note down on your receipt. Close the browser and leave the place.



The pizza pizza customer satisfaction survey found at www.pizzapizzasurvey.ca is an easy online going process that takes only a few minutes of yours at the comfort of your couch.  It is designed to find out your satisfaction level with their services and things and of course for a taste of meals there. If you want to read more posts like this, then visit my site weeklyadsoffer.com.



  • Pizza Pizza Customer Satisfaction Survey Privacy Policy: https://www.pizzapizzasurvey.ca/DContent.aspx?Page=Privacy&c=260506
  • Pizza Pizza Official Website: http://www.pizzapizza.ca/



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