www.Placesurvey.com – Take Childrens Place Customer Survey to Win a $250 Gift Card

www.Placesurvey.com - Take Childrens Place Customer Survey to Win a $250 Gift Card

The Children’s Place customary satisfaction survey found at www.placesurvey.com is an online questionnaire set up by the company. Although technology may be a nice boon for businesses, as they will cater to the wants of international customers, it’s additionally a scourge. They currently get to associate with innovative ideas, constantly improving their products and services at the same time to be on top of the market. Each company understands that it’s additional valuable and effective to target the wants of their existing customers, instead of obtaining new ones.

Place Survey is crucial for you and therefore the company. Once you share your honest feedback, you may have contributed completely to the expansion of the corporate. Additionally, you get rewarded for your time and effort in taking part in the Children’s Place Survey. The reward is big and can prevent heaps once it involves purchases you make. Every participant has an equal chance of winning the sweepstakes prize and, therefore, the need to participate. Leave your invaluable feedback at www.placesurvey.com, so that The Children’s Place can continue to improve and become a leader in the market.

The company values your feedback and satisfaction of their product, and that’s why it came up with the survey to get your input and take care of the areas you suggest as well as maintain the best areas you praise. In this writeup, I will guide you through the steps you need to pursue the survey with ease and win.



The Children’s Place is a New Jersey-based clothing and accessories retailer that specializes in children’s items. The company began in 1969 and has steadily grown to become a recognizable retailer with over 1,000 storefront locations open in the United States alone and 90+ international locales to their credit.

The Children’s Place values every moment and every suggestion. The Children’s Place produces quality clothing and accessories at an unmatched value for girls and boys at sizes 0-14. Do you also like to shop for your kids at The Children’s Place? Complete their survey and receive 20% off your next purchase of $30 or more.



Completing the survey successfully requires that you meet the desired criteria and also abide by the set rules. This survey, just like other companies, does have the rules and the criteria. This step helps the company to take measures that will enhance the standard of the survey. This results in the desired outcomes for the benefit of the customer as well as the company.

  • Respond honestly to the questions asked. 
  • Have a laptop or a phone with an excellent browser to access the survey site
  • Having a stable and reliable internet connection will improve the speeds and save the time you take to complete the survey.
  • Be ready to share your correct contact details for feedback on the survey outcomes.
  • Be 18 years or older 
  • Complete the survey within 7 days to be eligible for the survey conducted.
  • You can win the prize once every month.

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www.Placesurvey.com - Take Childrens Place Customer Survey to Win a $250 Gift Card


Step 1. Click on the link http://www.placesurvey.com/, to take part in the survey.

Step 2. Select among English, French, and Spanish languages to start the survey.

Step 3. Enter the date of purchase from the retailer written in the receipt.

Step 4. Fill in the transaction number of the receipt.

Step 5. If you have visited the store in person, the transaction number is below the bar code. If it was an online purchase, the number is next to the time, in the eReceipt.

Step 6. Please take your time to read all guidelines given in the questionnaire and answer the questions with honesty based on your recent experience with the retailer. You can take your time to go through the questionnaire. You can always go back if you think you didn’t give the right answer.

Step 7. If you wish to participate in the sweepstakes, where the company picks winners every month, enter your details correctly.

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The aim of The Children’s Place Customer Satisfaction Survey is to improve customer and satisfaction, along with your experience at their stores. The company allows you to participate in the customer feedback survey. The questions are straightforward and are related to your previous experiences when you visited the joint. The step by step guide we made will allow you to have an easy and pleasant time while taking Kid Footlocker’s survey. Follow through and win the rewards. If you want to read more posts like this, then visit my site weeklyadsoffer.com.



  • Children’s Place Customer Satisfaction Survey Contest Rules: Click Here
  • Children’s Place Official Site: Click Here



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