The staples\ Bureau en Gros customer satisfaction survey found at is an online questionnaire developed by the store to make improvements based upon suggestions of customer’s requirements that will be helpful to create an understanding between the ideas of store and customer needs and it is crucial for all the customers who fond of rewards like stuff. For the participants of the survey, it is offering an astounding opportunity to grab $1000.00 after the process of the survey. Yes!! It is true.

Staples\ bureau engross survey is not a long process as you may think will take a few minutes of yours at the comfort couch cause of an easy online process on your familiar device so don’t take any misconception in your mind just throw this thought in the bucket. The staples listen CA gets to know about your last visit experience to open up your secret behind your smiley face. That’s the significant point that is valuable for the company in generating new vibes for you to eliminate your problems on the focus of your necessities.



The stable listens CA is a Canadian growing rapidly firm associated with retail chain supply famous for producing worldwide areas from everything to essentials including all the kinds of furniture to laptops, PCs, and printers too. It is recognized by the name Quebec as Bureau en Gros throughout the world which was known as the business Depot in the past times.

Moreover, their hands work proudly towards printing and marketing services along with shipping centers. Many of which are open for 24 hours a day for providing the facility in every bit of time. It’s time to abide by its conditions in the way of proving its loyalty towards work to become a part of the survey as Physical appearance is not required.



Before jumping in the survey procedure you must be too aware of its guidelines and prerequisites for your constant mind-set.

  1. To keep a grip on a survey you must have a laptop or a mobile phone with a reliable internet connection facility that will help to save your time.
  2. There is no compulsion for purchase and payments next time.
  3. This survey is designed for only Canadian legal residents.
  4. Below 18 years old customers are not allowed to take part in the survey.
  5. Your last visiting receipt should have in your hands for showing as an invitation to cross welcoming doors firstly.
  6. Employees, Promotion Activators Management are NOT eligible for submission form of survey.
  7. Try to become as specific as you are.
  8. Keep your honesty at giving all the answers appropriately.
  9. There is a cash prize that is perfectly redeemable into cash.



Below mentioned a steps-to-steps guide that will try to reduce your difficulties to go-ahead to proceed in the staples customer satisfaction survey.

Step-1: Visit the URL of staples listens CA customer satisfaction survey at 

Step-2: based on your preference choose one language between English and French but click on the right red button.

Step-3: Now you are on the official page of the company where the unfilled block is waiting for you to enter 17digits number as survey access code. 

Step-4: look at your last visit receipt A 17 digit number found from the bottom of your receipt. Don’t do it in a hurry take your time to get comfortable with it.

Step-5: Now click on the survey begin option where you will get some queries related to your problems along with ranging scale from fulfilled to disappointment. Be honest with all the answer your feedback is required to know what goes wrong and how they can fix your problems.

Step-6: and it’s done after putting your contact details including names, address, and of course email. Just pat on your back to win $1000.00 to participate in the survey.



  • Bureau en Gros & Staples Customer Service Number: 1 (800) 333-3330



The staples listen CA survey found at is an online going process created by the company. By getting your valuable opinions they want to spread more happiness in every home of Canada for overall customer satisfaction. This step-by-step following procedure will help you to reduce your adversities in the way to win a $1000.00 cash prize.



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  1. I shopped at the Wake Forest Staples store
    I was helped by Franklin on 8/31/20
    I went in the store twice at different times of the day.
    he gave me the best service I could ask for. There was also a girl that helped him with the order
    Both were good at their jobs!
    Thank you Donna

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