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ASDA Survey - www.Tellasda.com

The ASDA Customer Satisfaction Survey, found at www.TellASDA.com, is a web questionnaire designed by Asda that measures customer satisfaction with products and services they provide. The company takes the knowledge you et al. provide to enhance the atmosphere of the shop, update products, and provide better customer service.

ASDA would like its customers to believe them in order that they will understand their needs and make sure that they’re given the simplest service possible. ASDA would like their customers to believe them in order that they will understand their needs and make sure that they’re given the simplest service possible. Therefore,

It has all their recent customers participate within the Tell ASDA Customer Survey and share their experience regarding their latest visit to an ASDA location. And to mention many thanks for taking the time and completing the survey, all the successful entrants are going to be given an opportunity to enter a monthly draw to win a £1000 cheque.

As a gratitude for the feedback and time you’ve shared with the shop, the survey offers £1000 to take advantage of the shape of a cheque. All participants who accomplish the web survey are offered the prospect to win £1000 Cash.

It is a British general store retailer and has its headquarter in Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. It works under its parent association, Walmart, and was established in 1949. This organization at present has an income of $30.29 billion

It has backups named, ASDA Mobile, George at ASDA, and some more. If you participate in this survey, you’ll be ready to leave valuable feedback about recent experiences. The company really wants this feedback to find out what the customer wants and doesn’t like. You can also enter sweepstakes to win £1,000.


ASDA Survey - www.Tellasda.com



ASDA money saving is a truly decent thing. Also, you should Draw from ASDA likely surpasses any experience that can be had while getting a couple of food supplies. All the individuals who all of a sudden wind up giving extremely close consideration might be keen on giving input on an ongoing excursion to the store.

The Asda headquarters is within West Yorkshire, a part of England. This is the company which has more than 626 locations in various parts of the U.K. Its operating income is about £1 billion, and therefore the company provides jobs to quite 180,000 people.



  • All the users must be at least 16 years older to share the feedback through the survey.
  • All the participants must have A visit receipt from the ASDA store.
  • Should have a tool sort of a computer or Mobile with the specified internet connection.
  • Should have an Ability to know and answer within the Basic English language.
  • There is  No need to purchase or payment is required to enter the lucky prize draw
  • All the participants, the legal residents of the UK are eligible to enter the prize draw.
  • Participants should be 18 years old and are the least required age to enter the prize draw.
  • Also, it’s necessary to accomplish a web survey to enter the prize draw online.
  • All the  Employees, staff members, or agents of the ASDA Store chain or the sponsor aren’t eligible to enter the prize draw.
  • Participants must have  One prize of £1,000 paid within the sort of a cheque are going to be awarded to the winner of every draw.
  • Mandatory that  The draw prizes aren’t transferable and must be accepted as awarded.
  • Also, Void where restricted or prohibited by the law.


ASDA Survey - www.Tellasda.com



  1. Firstly, Visit the TellASDA Survey portal at www.tellasda.com and enter the date when you visited the store. Enter the town or postcode for the ASDA location you visited.
  2. Secondly, you’ll be asked if you’re employed for ASDA currently then select the time you visited the shop.
  3. Thirdly, Select the most purpose of your visit and you’ll get on the feedback page where you’ve got to answer every question by selecting an appropriate option for every question.
  4. Then, select during which store, does one do MOST of your grocery/food shopping?
  5. After that Select your Age and Gender.
  6. Then, you’ll be asked to enter your personal identification details if you wished to enter the prize draw for an opportunity to win £1,000
  7. After that Enter your given name, Last name, Email correctly and you’ll receive a notification on the last page “Thank you for taking the time to finish this survey!”
  8. Then,  receiving an equivalent notification simply means you’ve entered the prize draw successfully. Now, you’ve got to attend for the announcements of the lucky draw winners and find if you’re lucky enough to win or not.



Discover a few blueprints concerning, visit the official site of TellASDA, where you’ll get to their structure also. It goes with pay since it’s having the occasion to be a general need of the corporate to invigorate its affiliations.

Concluding that this is the survey, I have all the required information regarding this ASDA Feedback Survey on the official site www.tellasda.com. This article will certainly assist you while you’re taking the ASDA Guest Satisfaction Survey online and obtain an opportunity to enjoy ASDA Rewards followed by this post.



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