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The JAMBA JUICE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY found at, is a web questionnaire developed by the JAMBA JUICE to know what you think about services and products offered by them, also, to make improvements based on your preference and set up a comfortable environment of fresh vibes for their guest. The company is curious to know what goes wrong and right according to their services and look at the matter by receiving your valuable feedback and create more good things for your happiness along with making an enriched dining experience.

They offer you a rightful chance to win a validation code for a discount on the next purchase upon completing the survey. Your honest feedback will help the company to consistently deliver the amazing experience you expect every day. Isn’t it cool for both parties? Read the full article to know about JAMBA JUICE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY more and get a chance to win a $500 cash prize. For your convenience created as an online method. - jamba juice customer satisfaction survey



The JAMBA JUICE is an American based restaurant currently headquartered in Emeryville, California, and has more than 800 locations in 26 United States, Canada, the Bahamas, the Philippines, Taiwan, Mexico, and South Korea to become a popular choice among people with giant loaded revenue around $230 million. It was opened to set up a message “health is wealth” for health-conscious to make ready-to-drink beverages along with mixing some goodness of fruit smoothies typically created with fresh ingredients such as kale, beets, and many similar good and healthy things.



  • There is no condition for payment and purchase to enter the sweepstakes.
  • Either a smartphone or laptop must have fast internet connectivity to access the web portal of the survey.
  • Participants of the survey must have comprehension either the English language or Spanish language to answer the questions appropriately.
  • This survey is purely designed for residents of the United States including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.
  • One entry is allowed per receipt and this will play as an invitation card to take JAMBA JUICE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY.
  • Below 18 years old do not have permission to use the receipt for taking the survey.
  • The ability must be required to recall last experience at the store.
  • Try to become as specific as you are. - jamba juice customer satisfaction survey



  1. Customers need to go up to the official link of JAMBA JUICE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY at
  2. After that, you will get the option to choose the language according to your preference between English and Spanish. Click on the blue hyperlink button to choose the Spanish language.
  3. You will get the occupied block to enter the 15-digit survey code located at the bottom of the receipt. For your help, a diagram will be displayed on the screen. Click on ‘continue’ to move ahead.
  4. Now, you will be asked some questions related to your last visit to the store. Please answer all the questions honestly and thoroughly to get the best things on your next visit. You will get a text box for detailed answers to cover the whole information according to you.
  5. Now the survey is done!! A validation code will appear on the screen to write on the receipt that will use for a discount or get a $500 cash prize on the next visit at the store, otherwise, also you can click on ‘submit’ to ignore it.



  • Address: Jamba Juice Company, 6475 Christie Ave Suite 150, Emeryville, CA 94608.
  • Phone Number – 510-596-0100, 866-4-R-FRUIT



The JAMBA JUICE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY found at is an online going process to make a good vibe you expect everyone and create more good and healthy things to enhance your experience at the store. These steps-to-steps guides will help you to get a chance to win a validation code or $500 cash prize to reduce the difficulties you face. If you want to read more posts like this, then visit my site


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  • Jamba Juice Official Website:
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