www.tellross.com: Take tellross survey to win $500 Gift Card

www.tellross.com - ross dress for less customer satisfaction survey

The Ross Dress Satisfaction Survey, found at www.tellross.com is an online questionnaire developed by the tell ross to take the improvements based upon suggestions of customer’s requirements that will be helpful to create an understanding for their business.

Have you visited a Ross store recently, then you are the right person to fill their survey? Ross is currently giving its customers a chance to fill his survey and win $500. You just need to visit their website and answer a few questions based upon your experience there and you are done. A few moments of your time can help them go a long way. By this initiative, the retail store chain is trying to build a communication between the customers and managers behind the working of Ross Dress for Less, so that the brand can rise and ensure utmost consumer satisfaction. These $500 are provided in the form of a voucher that can be redeemed at any of their stores across the country.



The popular Ross Dress for Less retail department which has stores throughout the country was started as a single store in the California region, in 1950. From then it has built a large customer base and has earned popularity as a brand among the country people. Not only it built new customers with time but has retained the old ones too by taking appropriate actions for maintaining customer trust. The company offers clothes at 40 to 50% lower than market value and now it is among the top bargaining stores in the US which makes them more popular as who doesn’t love shopping and if you can do it with great discounts then it is just like a cherry on a cake. 



  • You should be able to operate a computer having internet access.
  • You should be knowing either English or Spanish.
  • You should hold a receipt from your last visit to their store which is showing the invitation to fill the Ross Dress for Less Customer Satisfaction Survey.
  • You must be 18 or above.


www.tellross.com - ross dress for less customer satisfaction survey


  • Open their website www.tellross.com on your PC.
  • Select the preferable language from English and Spanish.
  • Enter the 15 digit code written on the receipt that you have from your last visit to their store.
  • Answer the questions asked in the survey truthfully and the best to your abilities as Ross will appreciate it even if it’s negative
  • Provide them with your information so that they can provide you the voucher.
  •  And you are done having a voucher worth $500 by just giving your reviews and spending a little time.



Ross Dress Satisfaction Survey found at www.tellross.com. Ross Dress or Less is a fast emerging company that keeps faith in customer satisfaction and this is a step towards it. It wants its customers to provide true feedback so that it can improve the shortcomings and be at the top of their trust lists. Providing $500 voucher is brownie points to engage more and more customers in this survey. Giving your true opinions can make our next visit to their stores as a better experience and what’s better than a free voucher worth $500 as who doesn’t love shopping. Making the whole process online makes it more convenient for the customers to give their reviews anytime and anywhere with a PC with a good internet connection. Online surveys had open a new door of communication between the management and customers avoiding any middle man. 



  • 800-335-1115



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