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www.tellsubway.co.uk - subway uk customer survey

Have you paid a recent visit to any of the Subway restaurants in the United Kingdom? Then you are the right person to take part in the Subway Customer Survey. The Subway Customer Survey found on www.tellsubway.com is an online questionnaire, developed by Subway, the U.K to get its customers to feedback upon its services and their experiences at their recent visit to its restaurants and to make the improvements, based upon the suggestions received in the survey. It is a 1minute survey and it will also be helpful to create an understanding of Subway’s business among its customers. Filling this survey will also make you win great rewards. The rewards include free cookies and sandwiches, that can be enjoyed by you at your next visit to Subway.



Having its headquarters in Milford, Connecticut, United States Subway is a delightful place for all the sandwich lovers around the world. The very first Subway restaurant was opened at Bridgeport, Connecticut in 1965. Being founded in 1965, by Peter Buck and Fred DeLuca, to being one of the world’s famous restaurant-chain, Subway has paved a long road to success. Currently, Subway is operating about 42,431 exquisite restaurants across 212 countries.

Subway is a home of about 300,000 employees that are working tirelessly to help Subway stay at the top. It offers a vast variety of sub-sandwiches, including Meatball Marinara, Spicy Italian and Chicken, and Bacon Ranch. Except for sub-sandwiches, Subway also offers breakfast subs, salads, and soft drinks.  



  • You should have a PC or laptop with a good internet connection.
  • The Subway Customer Survey is for U.K residents only.
  • Employees working at Subway restaurants and their direct family members are not allowed to take part in the Subway Customer Survey.
  • You should be possessing the receipt from your recent visit to Subways.
  • You should participate in the 1minute survey within 5 days of your recent visit to Subway.
  • You should be having a basic knowledge of the English language.
  • You must be 18 or above in age.


www.tellsubway.co.uk - subway uk customer survey



  • Open www.tellsubway.com on your PC or laptop.
  • Now from your purchase receipt, enter the ID code of the Subway restaurant that you have visited.
  • Click the start button.
  • Read the questions and answer the questions truthfully and do give your true reviews. Don’t worry if they are negative ones as the people at Subway deeply cares about every view its customers and it won’t surely get you off from the race of winning the delicious prize.
  •  Now just fill in the contact details, email, and other information to get free cookies and sandwiches.
  • And you are done, you have just completed the 1minute survey by Subway and won free sandwiches and cookies for yourself that can be enjoyed by you on your next visit to any Subway restaurant.



  • Telephone Number: 1-888-445-9239
  • Send Email to Privacyofficer@ipcoop.com
  • Address: Value Pay Services LLC, 9200 S. Dadeland Blvd. Suite 705 Miami, Florida 33156



Tell Subway about your views on its food and services provided to you on your recent visit. Online surveys had made it much easier to establish a two-way connection between the management who is behind the operations of the Subway and the people that get served at its restaurants. Being it an online survey the customers can take the survey at their comfort. In this way, Subway can connect with more customers and collect more data. And the Subway Customer Survey can be more successful.If you want to read more posts like this, then visit my site weeklyadsoffer.com.

Each and every employee at Subway restaurants is determined to provide its customers with the best food and services and this survey is a step forward in that process only. It cares about what its customers think. By taking part in the survey you will not only get free cookies and sandwiches but by providing them your honest opinion you will also enjoy a better experience on your next visit to their restaurants as your truthful review will help them improve, isn’t it a win-win deal.





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