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www.telltimhortons.com - tim hortons guest survey

Tim Horton’s satisfactory survey is found on www.telltimhortons.com. The tell Tim survey is designed to give the special chance to the customer to give a review about the product and let the company knows that what are the changes the company should do to make the product and service better.

This survey clearly shows that the company wants to improve if they lack in something, and they expect that the customer will give an honest idea that what are the changes that a company should make to make the company best. This survey is a clear indication that their customers’ opinions are worth a lot to them.

This is why there is a special advise to the customers that they will give an honest and sincere review or opinion even if the customer has experienced negatively then they are free to tell in this survey so that company will make sure that they won’t have to face the same problem when they come next time. and if a customer will have a problem besides the question given then they are free to write the problem in the comment section given below.

The company will surely take your response in a positive way and make sure that you won’t face any problem when you visit Tim Hortons next time and the survey will contain questions about the products and service given by Tim Hortons.



Tim Horton’s is a fast-food chain in Canada which serves coffee, donuts, snacks, beverages, chocolates, and various other items. The restaurant was open in 1964 by Tim Horton, a hockey star from Canada. The franchises of TIM HORTONS grew rapidly and overtook Mcdonald’s as the largest quick-serve chain in Canada. Since October 2014, they have 3600 chains located in Canada. They have 869 chains in the united states of America and 59 in the Persian Gulf. They have expanded their company a lot in order to give a good delivery to each and every person who visits there.

They also offered a discount to the person who took part in giving feedback. This humble doughnut shop has undergone many changes like mergers and partnerships throughout history. However, the brand took the taste of time with chains located in the USA, UK, ASIA, CANADA, and lots more. The taste of Tim Hortons is very good and it is preferred by many people. The company should get such a delicious taste by receiving a survey from the people . they will get to know about the taste of people through the survey and accordingly they can improve themselves.



  1. You should have the recent receipt of the Tim Hortons
  2. You must have the access with the internet
  3. You must have a smartphone, laptop, computer any of this to attempt the survey
  4. You should have to know any of the languages from ENGLISH or SPANISH.
  5. A few minutes to complete the survey
  6. Your age should be 18 or more in order to complete the survey.
  7. Staff members are not allowed to fill this survey.


www.telltimhortons.com - tim hortons guest survey



  1. You must have to enter the www.timhortons.com in the web browser.
  2. On the very first page, you are asked to choose the language the language 
  3. Choose the language accordingly
  4. Enter the survey code which is given in the recent receipt.
  5. Then on the second page, you have the sheet of question regarding the quality and quantity of the food and service which is given by the staff member of the company.
  6. You should have to answer properly and honestly if you experience negative feedback then answer accordingly so that the company is able to know what changes they should have to do.
  7. If you have additional complaints regarding anything then you are to write your opinion in the comment section placed below.
  8. After completing all the steps submit the feedback.
  9. Takedown the validation code and redeem a gift next time you visit TIM HORTONS.



I hope no you get the all idea about how to fill Tim Hortons survey online at www.telltimhortons.com. Still, if you have any questions then comments below & we will try our best to solve out as possible. TIM HORTONS  continues to be a success all the year line.Tim Hortons has really cared about the customer who visits there and as they serve the best quality of food, they want to improve more so that each and every person who visits there has a memorable experience.



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