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Www.tescoviews.com – Tesco Feedback Survey – Win £1000 Gift Card

Have you visited a TESCO store recently? Then you are the right person to take part in the TESCO Customer Survey which can make you earn 25 Club Card Points or a chance to win a TESCO gift card worth €1,000.

The TESCO Customer Satisfaction Survey found on www.tescoviews.com is an online questionnaire developed by TESCO to know its customer’s opinions and the quality of their experiences at their recent visit to its stores. So that, TESCO can make improvements based on the suggestions of customer’s requirements that will be helpful to create an understanding for its business in the costumers and to provide them better services and overall experiences at their future visits to its stores.



TESCO is a British grocery store chain. It was founded in 1919 by Jack Cohen. Earlier TESCO was just a stall-store chain that got its name when its founder Colen purchased a tea-shipment. Having its headquarters in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, TESCO has gained a large customer base in past decades. Being one of the biggest retailer stores in the United States, TESCO owns about 6,596 outlets all over the world. 

Besides this, TESCO is the home of 460,000 employees and it always offers quality products at its outlets. The company was started from a single store in London and has grown rapidly.  As it is serving about tens of millions of people every week, throughout the globe. The products offered at TESCO include toys, clothing, furniture, and electronic goods, etc. 



  • You should be having a PC or laptop, having an internet connection.
  • You should be a legal resident of the United Kingdom to take part in the TESCO Customer Survey.
  • You should have a basic knowledge of either the English language.
  • You should be holding the receipt from your recent visit to the TESCO store, providing you the 4-digit survey code, to be able to take part in the TESCO Customer Survey.
  • Purchase from any TESCO store is necessary to take part in the TESCO Customer Survey. 
  • You should be 18 or above to participate.


www.tescoviews.com - tesco guest satisfaction survey



  • Open www.tescoviews.com/survey on your PC or laptop.
  • Click the “Take Survey Now” button.
  • Now from the receipt, you are holding, enter the 4-digit survey code to take part in the TESCO Customer Survey.
  • Now submit the details.
  • After submitting, you will get a set of questions based upon your experience. Answer all of these questions honestly. 
  • You have to rate your answers which range from highly satisfied to highly dissatisfied. 
  • After answering the questions, they will ask for your contact details so that you can take the entry in the sweepstakes.
  • Submit the valid contact information and you are done.
  • Using just 10 to 15 minutes of your time you have helped TESCO by sharing your true opinion and you got an entry into the sweepstakes which can end you up winning a €1,000 discount coupon. Isn’t it a win-win condition!



  • Tesco Customer Service Phone Number: 0800 50 5555
  • Tesco Technical Support Phone Number: 0330 123 4055



The TESCO Customer Satisfaction Survey found on www.tescoviews.com. A good company or business is the one that allows customers to play a significant role in improving the business. And TESCO is a company that keeps customer satisfaction as a priority. The online customer satisfaction survey is a great way to establish a two-way connection between the management, who is behind the daily operations of the TESCO stores, and its customers. Making this survey online will help the customers to take part in the survey at their comfort.

Adding a price factor of providing a chance to earn 25 Club Card Points and a TESCO gift card worth €1,000 will help the company connect with more people and in the collection of more data. Each and every employee at TESCO is entirely dedicated to the main aim of customer satisfaction. If you are having negative reviews about the store chain than too you should rate all the answers honestly. People at TESCO respect each and every opinion they receive, no matter if it’s positive or negative. And are ready to work upon them to provide you a better experience on your next visit. If you want to read more posts like this, then visit my site weeklyadsoffer.com.





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